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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 06-12-2006

Best Shper? - Where is the best place to buy a surfboard in Mar Del Plata? Is Bessell the best shaper???

By summer , 06-11-2006

A good place? - Hi,
Tell me what is the best place to go to look for waves in December. I have surfed in australia and Europe, and I´ll bring two friends who will love it, too, as soon I can find the right place. Where can we rent beginners boards, or get some lessons? What is the most interesting place for group of grazy girls from far north?

By , 23-09-2006

argentina surfing spot guide? - hi,

does anyone know where i can find a good comprehensive online argentina surfing spot guide?

all the best,


By dadadada , 20-09-2006

waves surfing december etc - hey not too many tourists in september trought december and you still can catch nice waves (dont think its gonna be like peru or chile because not) the water its kinda warm but bring a wetsuit if you can , you can catch nice waves in the south beaches (playas del sur) just ask the locals!

By , 13-09-2006

surfing mar del plata or anywhere - how are the waves in argentina from september through december? I will be there for three months and am looking to surf. hablo poco espanol pero alguien peude responder en ingles o espanol. Gracias.

By , 28-12-2005

Going To Mar De Plata - Hi! I'm going to mar de plata in january. Does anyone know where I can buy a used board for cheap. Are there any decent surfshops worth looking for? Is january a bad time to surf here? Any advice would be grateful! Thanks!

By Scott , 08-11-2005

I need a surf guide - Hey 420, It's me again! I still plan to go to mar de plata in january. Maybe I'll get lucky and get some surf or maybe i won't. Even if it's small I would ride anything. Let me know how i can get it touch with you there. If it gets good maybe you take me somewhere to ride some waves! I'm from an island called bermuda in the atlantic. Tambien hablo perfecto el espaniol. Tengo novia en Mendoza, Argentina y con ella me voy a mar de plata. Mi correo electronico es Alguien local como vos seria ideal para guiarme. Chau por ahora!

By 420bboarder , 07-11-2005

good banks on the north - i just came up from a place from the north of mar del plata city called Carilo , on friday morning the banks were very good , not too big but really perfect 4 to 5 foot rights and lefts on the shore , not too long too , better for bodyboarding , i think the place its very inconsistent , but it have potential , also they were outside banks but very fat waves maybe for longboarding

By , 31-10-2005

420 - sorry scott i forgot to tell you that the shorty gonna be cool for the water temp also we have good acomodations and cheap , ask me if you want.
where do u live?

By , 31-10-2005

420 - hi there, well take a full suit because water its not so hot...but in jan we are in summer so its not so bad , waves in summer are not as good like in the spring time...but i can tell you that can get consistent in the south spots and you can have good days in the mornings, but its not a world class wave like chile or peru haves...anyway you can have nice days and have fun here , if you want more people more girls more party and that go to buenos aires the capital city..but buenos aires have no beaches, i live in mardelplata.
ask anything you want to mi msn

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