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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By River , 07-06-2010

What happened in Mar del Plata? - Decime Boca que paso en mar del plata
que no te dio la nafta , no pudiste aguantar

Todos esos gordos que se la dan guapos
vieron a los borrachos y se fueron para atras

Hay que verguenza que a los que se plantaron los dejaste tirados.. corriste sin parar!!

Por eso vos.. sos un cagon.. la mentira se acabo.. que paliza que te dieron
los borrachos del tablon

Por eso vos sos un cagon.. la mentira se acabo..estos si son los borrachos
los que te corren a vos


By Anonymous , 20-04-2009

RE: Surfing in Northern Argentina - Hey, you´ll find the "best" waves between Mar Del Plata and Necochea. MardelPlata is a big city, with lots of spots, conditions and surf shops.. but it´s still a city. The south of mardelplata is very nice and peaceful.

By sdutoit , 06-12-2008

Surfing in Northern Argentina - I am currently visiting Argentina and need some advise on where to spend 2 weeks surfing in Northern Argentina (somewhere between Pinamar and Monte Hermosa). Can anyone shed some light on a nice place to go?

By Anonymous , 14-05-2008

Surfin Argentina : May-July - what are conditions now like?

im a beginner. surfing 8ft boards.

any nice spots for this time?



By John , 05-03-2008

Mar del Plata is great - Friends, there is a Htel one block away Playa Varese Beach that is great and also the people. And it's cheap.
Teh web page is
Good waves, aloha!!!

By Anonymous , 03-09-2007

For the guy of South Africa - Hey friend! water in december is not so cold..but you will need a 3.2 wetsuit if you want to be more than 2 hours in the water...boards..all depends on the day...december is a good month for waves,,i suggest bring at least 2 boards..the best season of waves is winter..if you want to see some good sessions,

I suggest to visit chapadmalal is more quiet than mar del plata and it is very near in case you want to visit...

By , 23-07-2007

B.A. for christmas - Hi all,

Heading to Argentina for christmas, wondering what board I should bring/if I should bring a board... Also water temperature, I assume board shorts are a no go! Is that a good season for surf? Any advise most welcome!


By , 17-07-2007

Looking for waves - Hi
I am coming to Argentina from South Africa in December with my wife. I would love to catch a few waves while im there, but would need to be somewhere where my wife can lie on a nice beach. I also will need to rent a board and wetsuit. Any suggestions?

By Anonymous , 20-03-2007

Water Temp in April - You can surf in April with a longjhon 3-2 in April in most of the beaches of Buenos aires Province

By , 15-03-2007

Water Temperature - Can anyone tell me what the water temperature is like at the moment? I'm looking to surf in the north in April. Will I be ok in my speedos or do I need something that offers a bit more protection?

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