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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South beach

USA, South East, South Florida

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By anonymous , 27-03-2003

Ocean Beach, California - The third picture is Ocean Beach, San Francisco, one of Northern California's better big wave spots. And the place can rock, hollow triple over head etc. but its inconsistent cold and polluted. Northern Californai is foggy and cold, but southern is more consistent smaller and warmer. If you want to see water warmer than 68 degrees though stay in Florida. South Beach when its on is pretty good. (Very rarely)

By anonymous , 24-03-2003

Chicks - South Beach has the best Chicks in the world, topless girls models and even a few nude ones so if the surf sucks go check them out!

By Big mama jama , 18-03-2003

Cal is like a grocery store - Cal is full of fruits and nuts!!!!!

By Do you really care? , 05-03-2003

California has great surf! - Where can you surf every single day of the year? Well, lot's of places, but Florida isn't one of them. California is. That third picture is California. Look at the color of the water, and look at the wind. Plus, look at the thickness of the wave. It's CA.

Now, Florida is fun, and it beats the hell out of living in Georgia or the Carolinas (GA is flat, SC and NC are cold), and FL surfers are top notch (duh!), so I am not going to put FLA down. Florida is cool, but CA is cool too, and the waves are better. We've had world champs too (Tom Curren) and many Pipe Masters (Rob Machado, Joey Burran, Ronald Reagan). Plus, who won the first K2 50 thousand dollar challenge? Yep, a Californian. Oh, and I'm talking about Southern California. Northern California is hard core, very cold and very sharky (when you get bit, stitches won't help). But there is a bunch of turds (The Mavericks crew and SC crew) who have some strange notion that they live in NorCal. But they don't. NorCal starts at the top of the Bay, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Steamer Lane is in Central California, along with Big Sur and Pismo Beach.

The best place to live and surf in the USA (outside of Oahu) is North County, San Diego, from Trestles to Solana Beach. No localism and good year-round surf.

By Stuck in Miami , 07-02-2003

Hey it's home - Ok Mr.Big Balls from Ocean Beach you can have your shitty Cal style surfing in 40 degree water, but you cant have the pleasure of surfing South Beach at its best on a hurricane swell. Take a phatty one of those on your head in like three feet of water and I hand back the brown paper bag with all of California's shitty SLOW ass point breaks in it. The fact is, SoBe is inconsistent as hell and you need to be a damn talented to get one off the locals when it only breaks overhead a few times a year. You also need to be a local to know when to go in general. So surf with the seals and whiteys, and I'll just keep tabs on all the nipples I see...oh and fuck the pig who said there are no real surfers in SoFla why the fuck were all the central coasters down here on Jan 23? Whoosh, did someone just get snaked?

By Steve- N. Miami beach , 27-01-2003

no title - Luck is all you have in south fla. Just don't go there and expect surf. Actually, go there and expect no surf. I was there last March and caught some chest to shoulder high and it was pretty smooth. The tide effects the surf a lot there and it goes from good to bad quickly. If you have time, go up the coast to Vero and northward. As far as theft, cars get stolen in Kansas too, but not surfboards! Ha!

By ~*KaTe*~ , 19-01-2003

Canadian Kook - hey are the swells any good in april cuz i'm comin down from Ontario, is it any good for sumbody who's never surfed or will i get my board
broken by the local punks? any good surf shops or lessons down there either?

By anonymous , 01-12-2002

local experience - Here's the deal from a local. I've been surfing the spot for 7 years now. I'm Costa rican so shoulder high to me is 4 feet and not double overhead. The pictures you see are true except for pic. 3, south beach does break like that. We don't get swell often though cause the Bahamas block off most of our swell window. The place breaks on a north swell, and when it's on, you can find clean surf breaking top to bottom in the chest to a few feet overhead range. There are no 12 foot sets, but the place makes up for size with power. On low tide it's breaking over about 3 feet of water. Broken boards are always happening but like i said it only breaks on north swells. We do get real fun SE windswells and that takes up most of the surfing during the year. Hope this message helps some. And if you think there are kooks surfing the area, yes there are, but we also have some really good talent. No way in hell do you stop here on a surf trip to check it, but if you're from Miami or south florida the place is happening a few times a year.

By anonymous , 01-12-2002

kook - hey you kook two diffrent water colors

By YT , 07-11-2002

Tender Nugget - When it goes, it Throws!

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