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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 South beach

USA, South East, South Florida

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By anonymous , 02-08-2003

PUSSY+NO SURF=MIAMI - South beach is not a surf destination! It sometimes gets good, but rarely.It does not compare to California for size or consistancy. It can produce a nice break, rarely. I know people have pride in their home-town breaks, but get real. I live here for a lot of reasons, but not for surf. I travel from Miami Int'l for $150 special and go to Brazil or France for surf. One thing Miami has going for it is the nightlife. Man, you can't beat it!

By anonymous , 01-08-2003

What a bunch of fuckin kooks - Fullsuits?

By SF Local , 01-08-2003

Pacheco Street is in SF - You'll never see a wave like this in S. Florida. Please remove that picture.

By Dorkman , 30-07-2003

man - Dude, just shut up. Your Miami break sucks.
I have been watching that shit for 6 months now on the cams. It has yet to impress me. Although, I do think it's funny how you guys try and catch the wake from the cruise ships.

By pinga muy grande y venosa , 29-07-2003

read this - Fuck the west side. Yeah you have bigger waves but how many world champs?? okay that's all I needed to hear.

By Twiggy , 04-05-2003

what the hell? - What the hell are you guys thinkin man? and who the hell are you nestor menendez or whatever? who cares about your surf man you swear your a local. and what the hell am it alking about MIAMI? SOUTH BEACH? man south beach has got nothin but naked chicks man. the waves dont even break!!! why is this spot even here?? if you want to be a surfer you better not be surfin south beach because its impossible. yeah when theres a hurricane the swell is exceptional but there hasnt been a real hurricane. and what the hell your gonna wait till there is one to surf? man SB is for clubbin and gay guys dont even think about commin here to surf.

By Kissing the ground I surf on , 18-04-2003

I'm sorry - I was exiled to Florida for work for two years after twenty years plus of surfing in Northern California. (thank god I'm back)
All I can say is... I'm sorry you poor bastards have to actually surf there. You will have no idea how much it sucks until you go somewhere else. As for the girls, big deal. There are chicks everywhere. Mushy Point Waves? Nestor, Nestor, Nestor. You poor bastard. Will you ever know? Buy a plane ticket pal, they're cheap. If you are going to be a surfer, you really need to move. Or, you could just continue to be an ignorant kook, and think that head high beach break is where its at.

By mister dizzle , 29-03-2003

south pointe park - hey, last week i went down to sobe for spring break and my break actually coincided with a sick north swell. problem was, not being a local, i didn't have a board...and the last real surf shop (there's a quiksilver "apparel shop") just closed a few weeks ago. thus, no boards to rent. i sat on the beach for a while and the lineup was packed, shoulder-high with some real experts out there. guys were busting 180s, etc. and consistantly - really talented guys. anyway, i'd just like to add that the locals aren't grabby or jerky at all. in fact, i asked one guy coming out of the water where i could find a board to rent, and he replied "you won't find one, but here - you can borrow mine for a while" so he gave me his custom board, and i surfed on it for a little over an hour (thanks richard i owe you one). also, while i was out there, i accidentally dropped in on this guy, and when i went up to apologize to him, he said not to mention it. overall i was extremely impressed with the locals, especially when i have heard so much bad stuff about their attitudes. the waves themselves were pretty fast and thick, and a little hollower than i am used to in ocean city, maryland. i bet if the swell was large enough, you could really get barreled on south beach. besides the tons of seaweed floating around as a result of the storm, and the occasional trash from tourists, the water was wonderful, and thanks to that one good samaritan surfer, i had a blast.

By Pinga grande , 28-03-2003

Who put the captions on those pictures - I'm sorry but since when are those waist to chest high peaks in photo 4 and on just typical South Beach wind chop. If it were so typical I wouldn't be sitting in front of this computer now would I?

By anonymous , 27-03-2003

South Beach Potential - South Beach hardly ever works in really doen't get going until it's overhead plus, and it can only work on really north angled ground swells that go through a tiny swell window. When it does its board breaking barrels breaking over hard-packed sand-bars. The Gulf Stream runs offshore 1/2 a mile so the water rarely drops below 70F. If That swell finally does arrive between the Beach and Gulf Stream, it will even turn a few Californian's heads to say, "That's Miami"? But its a tiny swell window so it hardly even breaks, much less get way overhead swells through that tiny window.

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