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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South beach

USA, South East, South Florida

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By Ausie.... , 07-10-2003

Youre not soul surfers... - Guys, A soul sufer enjoys were ever he is, Small waves big waves, all waves.. You guys sound like a bunch of Idiots..

You probably surf cause you saw a movie, or think that makes you cool , love the ocean... Learn from it..

I rather have small surf with cool people, than big waves with a bunch of idiots..

Miami is great place to learn or just get stoked with small waves,,

I try to teach the sport to new people or just help them..

Dont be jerks, all your life..

the Ausie...

By tucute2getwit , 23-09-2003

I need help! - Does anybody know where I can find someone to teach me how to surf? I want to learn, but don't have a board. Oh....can someone tell me where the best board shop is, too? Where would be the best spot to surf? I hear South Florida isn't the best place to surf, let alone the rest of Florida. Well, if anybody would like to help me, send me an email at
Did I forget to mention that I look real good in a bikini?

By anonymous , 18-09-2003

Mad barrell in South Beach - The only barrells you get in South Beach is between some chick's legs...or dudes, remember, your in SB! I live here for the great living. If It does happen to get nice (usually 1x/year) then I go. The way to find surf in Miami is to go to the airport and fly somewhere else.

By so flo , 14-09-2003

What??? - Bull sharks huh? How about Bull-shhh. Dont expect more than sloppy wind chop or the rare gs... that, and lots of cute chicas.


By Tim , 19-08-2003

no - Packed with bullsharks huh? I grew up in south FL and used to frequent SB. Saw some stingrays, and the occasional small shark, nothing to really speak of. The place is not PACKED with anything accept dumb local fags, and strippers tanning topless.

By anonymous , 14-08-2003

THIS GUYS DESERVE RESPECT - Not only is this place shitty..never breaks….is crowded..and above all…IT IS PACKED WITH BULL SHARKS…so that proves my point beyond the shadow of any doubt…..Florida surfers are hard core….i will never get in on my home break with such conditions so…they deserve respect….AND TO TOP IT ALL OFFF.----they only get decent surf when a MEGA TRAPOICAL HURRICANE IS GETTING CLOSER…all the rest of us will be running for cover……

By nick , 06-08-2003

what?! - hey i'm a local at miami and i rarely surf here cuz it usually it is filled with it's always crowded and shit.but about once a year we will get a nice day or even 2 but still i wouldn't recommend coming here to south beach.if youn wanna try a good surf spot in florida try sebastion inlet.

By Tan nude, don't surf. , 04-08-2003

Photo #9 - Um, it will be MUCH worse than that 364 days a year. That is the average epic day at SB. Hurricane swell can be had on any strip of coastline during a storm, That certainly doesn't make a surf spot just because a big storm swell makes a wave. It's just a beach break like any other, except it only breaks once a year if lucky.

By anonymous , 03-08-2003

Kook Spot - Check photo #9. It will be shittier than that(364 days a year) when you get there to surf so don't bother. South Beach is for partying not surfing.

By anonymous , 02-08-2003

Holy Sh@t! Look at pic 3!!! - I dont care where you are from that is a serious wave

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