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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South beach

USA, South East, South Florida

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By Justin , 07-10-2004

Surfing Lessons - I like this place..There are so many hot surfer boys here... I hear surfers dont have much money..well If thier hott with tight little buttholes I can change all that .. I can also teach them how to squatt better - but, By the time I'm done they wont even be able to stand up !8) Twinkie Twinkie !

By anonymous , 02-10-2004

kooks abound - I surfed SoBe for the first time last saturday. There were 300 guys out and maybe 20 could surf. The rest just bought a board because it looked cool with the surf-trunks they saw on some fashion show. It is unreal how "bad-ass" some asshole locals pretend to be. The one's who can actually surf are cool and just let their surfing talk for them. The pricks are the guys who blow but think they own the place anyway. I got dropped in on constantly, I even pulled back for a guy inside me only to watch others drop in on them. To make a long story short - there's a general lack of etiquete in the water there. That being said - the few guys I surfed with early in the morning could not have been friendlier. They shared some waves and some conversation. They also knew better than me and left before the kooks/assholes showed up.

By , 25-09-2004

South Beach Kooks - Yea... he is right...I saw the video on surfline, it was absolutly going off, even barreling, and every one of those guys kooked it. Belive it or not there are actually a few pros that are from south beach...Jerry Burdine and some others. Those guys were not on the video - but that video gives you a good idea about how 99% of the rest of that crowd "surfs".

By anonymous , 17-09-2004

South Beach kooks - You guys are pathetic. Finally South Beach goes off during Frances and you guys were kooking out everuy wave. There's a lot of tough local talk around that place but nobody there can surf worth a damn in anything bigger than waist high slop. Grab a sponge and stay on the inside. You guys are an embarrassment to yourselves and the sport. Check out the video on Surfline to see what I'm talking about.

By LBI , 10-08-2004

Sorry, 365 days in a year - I guess that should be 1:365 and 365:365....haha!!...but you get the idea.

By LBI , 10-08-2004

Movin to So Fla - I'm moving to Lauderdale in the Spring and was just trying to get an many days a year will I actually be able to get wet. I know I'm not gonna be gettin anything too serious down there...but I want to know how often can I get out at dawn and ride something..anything, year round??? 1:356, 356:356? How much does it change with seasons??...


By , 09-08-2004

THE TRUTH - Yes it's true there are plenty of kooks, enough to render a new board useless on the firts day out. But lets get something straight. The racist a-holes that always wanna disrestpect latins, should keep their white aryan nazi comments to themselves. Dawn Patrol is the way to go if you surf SOBE. It's the only time that you can catch enough waves and not have to worry about getting dropped in on. The waves are shitty, but I garantee that if you are kiling it here you will tear it up anywhere in the world. Why? because the wave sucks, has no power, can be a mission to find the peak, and when it breaks its fast nasty closeout rarely will it be clean. If you master all those types of waves you can preatty much surf anywhere. Oh yeah and when you are done surfing and want to see the most beautiful ladies in the world all you have to do is walk down the beach and see plenty of skin. Hands down south beach has the most beautiful ladies in the world. So yeah go to Sebastian Inlet and get your head kicked in for trying to charge first peak, with laney beachly looking hoes watching your every move. I rather sharpen my game here look at some beautiful ladies and take a trip down to Nicaragua every year and charge uncrowded surf that you wont even find in this site. Yes that's right Nicaragua has better surf than Costa, but guest what since we dont have nice hotels etc. you'll never hear about it.

By Your mom , 29-07-2004

Not impressed - This place is full of kooks. It seemed like not too many people really knew how to surf and were just out to look cool and choke water. Only saw one dude really rip it. Kick ass place to party though!

By Jamie , 14-06-2004

don't bother - Unless we are under a tropical storm advisory for the time you will be here don't bother.

By anonymous , 11-06-2004

jeez - man o man im suppose to be visiting my bro in south beach and was thinkin about bringing my board to surf but the way you guys are talkin im thinkin twice i dont wanna end up with a bunch of guys chasing me down tryin to kill me is it ALL that bad? im gonna be there for a week i need something to do (im not old enough for the clubs)

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