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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South beach

USA, South East, South Florida

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By Anonymous , 07-06-2006

Check surfline - Check the Surfline report...South Beach cam...6/6/2006...flat and poor conditions...I suspect it will be like this until hurricane season.

I visited Miami three times and never seen waves.

Check surfline.

By Eurosurfer! , 31-03-2006

Get real! - Yeah...that's right tell Kelly that...kook!

By cali boy , 18-02-2006

florida - not only is there no place to surf in miami, there's no place to surf in florida.

By anonymous , 12-02-2006

Jerz Filth? - If u actually did some research , you would discover New Jersey has the oldest, most extensive water testing system in the country. I surf there all year , uncrowded winter waves are the best. Despite isolated incidences back in the 80's , Jersey has clean water. I guess u being an all-knowing almighty surf god from hawaii , u would already know that. Too bad ur fat , spam eatin ass just listens to hype or rumors instead of being proactive and researching. Besides the water's cold here , ur vagina would shrink in the water. Dark doesn't equal dirty retard. Don't compare south beach to Jersey, Jersey gets good waves, south beach doesn't .

By anonymous , 28-12-2005

BULL S*** - Thats bull!!!theres no place to surf at miami!!!

By Angry Samoan , 08-11-2005

People got nothing better to do.. - Whats the point of trashing South Beach because "your spot is better"? Who cares? If you don't surf here, FINE! What's your point? So nature doesn't send us consistant waves, you act like we have a it's OUR fault!! No one in Miami cares what you racist Hawaiins say about our break, stay in Hawaii.

By , 24-07-2005

Francis video was evidance - The Fracis Video was proof that the guys surfing were caught with thier pants down. The wave had power and size and they were not used to it. It was clearly evidant from looking at the video that they did not have a clue how to surf those waves. Not one person was even tubed and thier turns were weak. It was all in thier heads/ Put any contest amateur on those waves and tell me they wont snap the lip and get tubed. Those guys were KOOKS. They were in over there heads. Literally.

By raf , 18-07-2005

Dont hate on Francis video - Hey when it gets big SoBe waves can get un-predictable. The drop is ridiculous and the 3ft deep sand bar cant hold a huge wave for too long. Many of these guys come from places with much better surf than you'll find in the States and they absolutely rip. Or they travel bc everyone knows the best airfares to anywhere are thru Miami. But on that day--I doubt any Calicunts could even paddle out. No channels here, and unless you prefer surfing a Wedge like wave--forget about getting one off the locals.

By Surfer346 , 03-06-2005

haha - Yea, ive been to south beach before and it was crap! I mean flat doesnt even begin to describe it. You cant just get pics of when theres a big swell rolling in or a hurricane and try to pass it off like its always that big. Personally, i think my boat makes bigger waves then the ones that roll in at south beach.

By DrMAD , 15-05-2005

Just the facts! - Here is lowdown on south beach:

The best peaks are in front of 1st street (a.k.a. Penrods, Nicky Beach) but it is also good (and less crowded to the south towards the Jetty). As you move north the wave size decreases but so does the crowd factor.

1) Between rare hurricane swells in late summer early fall and refracto swells (swells created by strong cold fronts that bounce off the Bahamas) in the winter you can find a few large and some small swells. During these swells that can last anywhere from ½ a day to over a week you can expect to have optimal conditions (offshore or no wind) during only one day (although there have been rare occasions where it has lasted a couple of days). After the brief offshore period (that sometimes occurs at night before you get a chance to even pull a dawn patrol) the winds clock around and make a mess out of things. Not only does it become a washing machine but you also get a strong side-shore current.

2) Between these rare swells and flat spells (that represent most of the time, specially in summer) you have many wind-chop days that range from overhead (rare) to knee high (common).

Needless to say the crowd factor is ridiculous! It is not uncommon to see over 200 people fighting over a few peaks in front of 1st street. While there are plenty of kooks in the water that block the inside and go over the falls on every wave, there are also many people that know what they are doing and a few really good surfers. The best time to get a reasonable crowd factor is to pull a dawn patrol. During offshore days it is much better in front of first street however during most of the time, on onshore days, the surf is just as good further up the beach where you are likely to be alone in the lineup.

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