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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South Florida

USA, South East

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By Anonymous , 11-01-2010

WannaSurf - I recommend this site because this site gives important information on WannaSurf, surf spots atlas, surfing photos, maps and GPS location. Highly Recommended site.


Doris Delmonte

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By seamonster , 28-03-2007

- A plane ticket to the nearest real surf destination would cost to much.But the eye candy's free.

By C Chach , 15-01-2007

Surf in Palm Beach?! - Hey does anyone know if there are waves near the breakers hotel in palm beach? Im goin there from april 5 to 11, 2007. Is there waves at all in spring? Bringing skimboard. I bodyboard so it doesnt need to be too big. Message back if anyone knows. Thanx.

By , 21-11-2006

Corzone - I’m looking for surfing instructor with all necessary equipment for 1 or 2 days 7th or 8th December. My accommodation place will be Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour, Florida.
I dreaming to make first surfing steps.


By tiago , 20-11-2006

Where to surf near Ft. Lauderdale? - Hello, I'm from Portugal and next year I will study at the art institute of fort lauderdale and since here in Portugal the thing I like best is beach, kitsurfing, jetskiing and surfing I would like to know where in ft. lauderdale, or somewhere near, can I have surf lessons and good waves to surf after that.. and perhaps you guys could also tell me more about the weather in ft. lauderdale, all year round.. I've been warned about hurricanes and stuff like that, but are they that common? usually how long do they last, I mean, how long will we have bad weather when an hurricane strikes? something like that... and perhaps talk also a bit about the city, and nightlife and stuff like that.. thanks!

By , 04-11-2006

Advice near Jupiter - KP, As for your husband, I wouldnt reccomend going to Jupiter OR Sebastian Inlet, they are far too crowded and territorial. If you are staying in Jupiter, I would try the Jupiter Public Beach, since it is relatively close, and a wide stretch of Beach where your husband wont encounter too big of a crowd, hope this helps.

By KP , 03-11-2006

Advice on Good Place to Surf Near Jupiter, FL- Fairly New Wider - My husband would like to go surfing while we are on vacation in FL. This is not his first time(we've surfed in Northern California), but he hasn't been much so a middle of the road kind of swell would probably be best. We will be staying in Jupiter, FL but I've heard that the Jupiter Inlet is for more experienced surfers? What about Sebastian Inlet? Anyone know of any place that would fit the bill for what we're looking for? Also I heard of a surf competition in Jupiter in November..Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!

By , 10-05-2006

- has anyone heard of surf in the keys? i'm from south florida and have driven down through to key west quite a few times to go fishing, but always when it was flat. i've seen some satellite photos of the area and there looks to be a couple reef sections near the bahia honda park area that look promising, and some other reefs scattered about the keys. it seems like with all that reef out there that SOMETHING would have to form a decent break. if you've ever seen surf in the keys or even heard about it from some drunk fisherman, post it here, and i would be interested in getting a group together with a boat to check it out if it seems legit enough.

By anonymous , 19-04-2006

Florida! - Can anybody advise on the best place for regular swell that is not toooooo far away from Fort Myers? Small is fine, as long as it's nice mellow A-frames and not packed with 2 year olds...


By anonymous , 30-09-2005

Rhode Island is better than Florida - Miami gets chest high waves about once a year, and big hurricane swells can turn rhode island into double overhead point break heaven at the right times. But South Florida is really fickle, and Miami is the worst as it only recieves swells from a hyper small swell window because the bahamas block most of the swells

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