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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Garden city pier

USA, South East, South Carolina

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By Patrick P. , 06-09-2007

What a kook... - "Anonymous" must be a hardcore local surfer(insert extreme sarcasm here. You are are just one of many summertime surfer kooks that pollute our breaks from June till the end of August. You need to go somewhere with that local crap.

By His loving wife. , 26-03-2007

Alive and Well - Eric Eason is alive and well living in GC and Columbia. Shop at Village - the best around!

By Anonymous , 19-02-2007

Home Break - I've been surfing this wave every day for the past 3 years. There are actually 4 seperate breaks in the way the sand bar works. Right next to the pier is the best, BUT you have massive ammounts of bull sharks, fisherman, and COPS, if the beach is not crowed, and you are near the pier, you can and will get a ticket. GC cops have nothing to do but sit at the pier hotel and write tickets. There is Rainbows, which is about 50 yards north of the pier, look on the beach and see a row of condos that are painted like Raibow Road in Charleston. Most times is 2-3 feet, but a good swell can send it to the 6-8 foot range. Little farther north gives you Pine Ave, my home break. If you come here in the summer, you will find me and my 4 friends EVERY DAY surfing this spot, look for a Clemson tiger paw on my board, and that's me.

The beach does get crowded, especially because there is a Christian Camp that brings over 100 kids to the beach every week. Lots of spongers and what not.

Be warned, this is a local spot, just like 13 Ave South, we can be assholes, we are assholes. Dont drop in, dont talk shit.

Oh yeah, the Village is a great place to get advice. They are all super friendly if you come in humble and curious. Kelly Richard's shapes some of the best boards in the world. My friend use to swear by Al Merrick, but once he hopped on a 5'11" Perfection (the name of the Richard Board) he feel in love. If you can, pick up a board, they arnt that expensive and well worth the money.

Have a good vaction. Miyabi Japanese Resturant in murrells inlet is where its at!

By Patrick P. , 13-12-2006

Daily Surf Report - I do a daily surf report for Garden City at

By Anonymous , 30-08-2006

- better not go to litchfield beach

By Morgan , 10-02-2006

It will break your board - My spouse has broken a few boards there in Garden City, low tide is a bitch. Oh and Villege rocks, the people are great but eternal wave has cheaper wet suits.
One draw back is, Garden City Pier is mostly a locals only spot, so don't think you can go rent yourself a board and pattle in. If you do I PROMISE you will get dropped in on. It happened to me when I first started, but maybe its because I'm a girl.

By anonymous , 23-01-2006

watch out for em' sharks - they got some big sharks around that pier and lots of them to. better off going to Litchfield beach farther south.

By justin , 07-11-2005

village - village rocks dont go to enternal wave. kelly is a real cool person, hey i get free wax, thats where im goin. gc pier is great surf when there is a swell. i say at least two stars.

By anonymous , 18-08-2005

GC - Village is awesome but dont forget to check out Eternal Wave. Alex and Julie are awesome and carry a great line of boards. When you're their say hi to Rikki.

By , 20-05-2005

Village - Me and my sis LOVE the village we go down there all the time and kelly is GREAT he made us some HOT boards. and most of the time the waves rock. we r hoping they r good when we go down there saturday.

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