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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Ponce inlet

USA, South East, North Florida

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By moto_340 , 07-08-2011

mush buggers - I paddled out for some fun looking Emily swell at ponce and wow! What a mushy wave. The way the waves peak up on the sandbar gets you all excited then next thing you know you are paddling your ass off to catch a shoulder high wave and pumping your ass off all the way down the line. Props for the long rights though. But the waves in florida are powerless. As for the locals most where cool but the teenagers need to be taught some respect before they get choked out. Every teenager in the water thinks they are going to be Kelly Slater one day when the reality is they will be waiting on me at the local restaurant their whole life which is fine but they need to be brought back down to earth.

By Anonymous , 30-10-2009

sharky - I saw the bigest shark there. Everyone got out. No Sh#t...

By Anonymous , 21-02-2009

ponce - i live in the daytona area and i love ponce inlet, however there are some really good waves elsewhere. on really big northern swells the pier is much better than ponce. even up the beach towards wilbur can be really fun on a big swell. if you don't mind the drive new symrnia is almost always a safe bet for good consistent waves. i love ponce but its not like its that much better than everywhere else. there are days where it is the only place breaking, but i would not even begin to say that it produce that much of a better wave than everywhere else. ohh yea and the only reason that those guys who colided with eachother on a wave were not swinging fists was because they are good friends.

By Andrew Malott , 17-08-2008

Ponce is the S*** - Ponce inlet is argueably one of the best breaks in Florida. I was in Daytona for a week, and everywhere was flat... but the inlet was rideable. And when the surf got up to 1-2 foot on the beach, THE INLET WAS AT LEAST 3-4, with Shoulder High Sets. The Lines were very Rippable and the locals were really chill. Two guys nailed each other (Goin Opposite ways on the wrong sides of each other,) And the sound of the boards hitting each other could be heard from way down the beach... But they just laughed about it and paddled out. I would say on a scale of 1-10, 1 being bad, 10 being good, The Wave Quality is a 9, The Atmosphere is a 9, and Local attitude is an 8. Ponce inlet makes other breaks look like malibu compared to pipeline... Ponce is fast and hollow, everywhere else just rools on thru... can't wait to go back

By sbruce88 , 24-06-2008

tx boys rip ponce - me and my best bro just got back from a work trip to daytona beach, we brought our boards with us and surfed ponce inlet while we were there. it was definately fun even though it was only waist-chest high. me and my friend started surfing the outside but within 30 minutes we were sitting on the main break with some of the locals. most of the guys were cool but some were dicks. but the best part was how no one beleived we were from tx cuz we were actually keeping up with our new buds in fla. all in all it was a pretty fun wave with a pretty laid back atmosphere. but beginners watch out, the wave is definately more powerful than it looks and if you dont know what youre doing your gonna get thrashed, either by the wave or a fin to the face. have fun!!

By Anonymous , 16-06-2008

about the locals - Hey nobody is trying to hassle anyone here, in my opinion the guys who are mean are a blessing. Those guys keep all the orlando and stetson kooks right where they belong, up the beach. As long as you aren't getting in the way then you won't have any problems with the locals.

By Anonymous , 27-03-2008

ponce locals - look locals just cause you think your cool cause you can spray me with water while i paddle out doesnt mean Ill stop coming here. EVERY SURFER has a right to surf here, and that includes me, and for all that have a problem with it and wants to start some shit, I am ready to fight, see you there!

By Anonymous , 07-07-2007

love ponce - ponce is a really good wave a lot better form than new smyrna but new smyrna is always bigger. ponce is always crowded and if you dont rip dont surf the inlet, surf up the beach. I know everyone thinks they rip but once you see some of the locals it will put you down to size so unless you can hold your own surf up the beach. and if your a begginer dont think about coming here, go north to sunglow or somewere more mellow

By Muriedafury , 26-06-2007

The Deal - Ponce fires when there is good swell, but the crowds are thick and the locals have it wired, and are not extremely friendly. If you are just learning how to surf it will be safer for everyone if you surf up the beach a little ways. If you want to sit on the main peak here you better rip.

By Anonymous , 29-03-2007

to kimo - kimo,
the deal is that in Florida, land of sunshine,
you can OWN not rent like you do, a nice piece of paradise on the beach, and surf ALLYEAR round, just like hawaii
but you, probably live under a bench, or rent some shack with 10 smelly rags that own nothing,are going nowhere in life and own only your "negative vibe. "
that's not what surfing is about fool. you are not really hawaiian, in spirit.
get the picture loser?

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