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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 North Carolina

USA, South East

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By Anonymous , 27-06-2007

you never know - you have to have a good knowledge of this place to get the best of the may think its going off at the spot your at but people that know the place are really at the epic bars, which is why i love this place, you can beat the hot spots and get even better waves with nobody around

By hip hop anonymouse , 28-03-2007

portsmouth - does anyone know of any legit spots or rando sandbars that break on portsmouth

By , 06-09-2006

Florence rock da coast - Hey there peeps! Looks like there's some good swell on the way for next week for you NCers. Hopefully the storm won't come too close. So will it be goin' off or what? I'm from Aruba and feel like coming up there just for this nice swell. Think it'll be worth it? Any (serious) feedback is much appreciated.

By anonymous , 11-09-2005

these people are morons - none of you are from here it's pretty clear your way off on the weather and the waves, but good luck to you just don't expect to take any of my waves

By , 19-07-2005

Outer Banks Labor Day 2005 - Hey, I'm a beginning/intermediate level surfer that's goign to be in the OBX over labor day. We're going to be based out of Nags Head. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a mellow break. Also, I have a long board 8'4" and a shorter 7'0...if I could only bring one, which should I bring? Anyother recommendations on sight seeing, restaurants, etc also appriciated.

By anonymous , 29-01-2005

Hatteras Weather - The air definately does go below 40 at night on colder winter days and frost occurs on a bunch of winter days each year. It is never 100 on Hatteras Island, more like 85F normally in the summer and maybe in the low 90s if a high pressure system rolls through. But it'll feel like its a hundred + due to all the humidity. As for the water, it can get up to around 80F in the summer and it can be a lot cooler in the middle of summer depending on wind direction (some upwelling during endless offshores)and weather. Buxton usually has water ranging 70 to 80F in the middle of summer, but northern beaches like corolla can drop into the 60s in the middle of summer due to upwelling (and warm up a lot in one day due to downwelling). In the winter water is very cold, but usually doesnt go below 40F

By sdd , 01-11-2004

not quite - the air in hatteras almost never drops below 40 even at night in dead winter. and the water in the summer is routinely in the low 80's. you can bet on temps over 100 in july if a high pressure system rolls in but it is usually about 88. fall is by far the best surf. bare back season goes till early/mid october

By sdd , 01-11-2004

fall 2004 - So far the fall of 2004 has been very good. this comes from a hatteras native. in september we had at least 2 weeks of over head clean waves and it never got below chest the entire month in hatteras. october had a few flat days but the final two and 1/2 weeks were over head thanks to NE wind and a huge low pressure system. plus the water never got below 64

By yhector , 26-05-2004

rip it up - greetings from cali, may you be blessed with some swell for the summer.

By -j , 25-05-2004

- june, july, august...they're all gonna be crap unless there's a hurricane out there. definately fall to winter are the best and least crowded times.

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