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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 USA South East


Seasonal swell & wind variations:

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Seasonal swell & wind variations

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South Florida 57 0
North Florida 78 0
Georgia 12 0
South Carolina 57 0
North Carolina 36 0
Southern North Carolina 29 0


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Tybee pier
United States of America

Tybee pier
United States of America

Tybee pier
United States of America

1st street
United States of America

 Last surf sessions

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New Smyrna Inlet
By Kelvin
Oct 26, 2020
The right title as the basis of a successfully written thesis - Do you think the title does not matter if the research paper is properly written? If you do, you couldn’t be more wrong. In most cases, people will use the title of a paper to determine what is written inside without even reading the paper. All tit

Sebastian Inlet
By Shirley Back
Oct 25, 2020
How to write a personal statement to be enrolled in the university - Introduction Writing personal statements for students before enrolling in the university gives students a chance to display their unique selves and play a significant role in their acceptance process. This article will discuss the importance of wr

New Smyrna Inlet
By smim7
Sep 27, 2020
What should you prepare for when entering university? - After receiving your confirmation letter from the university, students foster both feelings of anxiety and excitement. Going to university is one of the best experiences that individuals get in their lives. The apprehension you are experiencing is no

By nigi
Sep 22, 2020
Do you need education? - With increased interconnectedness today, more and more skills are required in the job market and life. A good education has the ability to transform someone’s life significantly. Governments are eager to invest in empowering their citizens

New Smyrna Inlet
By Kelvin
Sep 22, 2020
Do I need to write works? -     Writing is a skill that is widely underrated, and many people see it as not a real job, which might be understandable before days. But in our current age—in a time when the digital world is gradually taking over, an

 Last surf trips

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jgalura avatar
Viagem: Christian Surfers OBX Camp Out
De jgalura
Do Oct 9, 2015 ao Oct 12, 2015

jgalura avatar
Viagem: Satellite Strike Mission
De jgalura
Do Feb 5, 2015 ao Feb 5, 2014
Big North East Swell
ccbridgman avatar
Viagem: Spring Break Soul Surfing
De ccbridgman
Do Feb 15, 2011 ao Feb 15, 2011
A trip with me and one of my boys to surf our way up the east coast.

Viagem: Stuart, FLA
De mkcopeland
Do Nov 24, 2007 ao Dec 1, 2007

savannah avatar
Viagem: Puerto Rico Winter 2007
De savannah
Do Feb 18, 2007 ao Mar 23, 2007
Surfed in Puerto Rico for a few days during a nice overhead swell. Surfed Jobos, Domes, Wishing Wells, Wilderness,Pressure Point, Bridges and Gas Chambers.  Weather was dreary for the first few days and perfect for the last half of the trip.


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By Anonymous , 02-10-2006

florida - i live in florida deerfiled bch and we get good waves but not all the time i heard south carolina gets better waves man and more times a year

By anonymous , 03-08-2005

We won again! - We won the X-Games again!!! WE RULE!

By anonymous , 06-05-2005

moving - Hey dont move just for surfing. Just take alot of trips. We get alot of flat spells. Just take trips to costa rica or other places like that dont move unless your going to caly.later on

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