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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 La push

USA, North West, Washington

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By Q , 16-05-2008

To anon (below) - relax, and, you're incorrect. - Snowsurf posted for La Push:


But anon replied, basically, this would not be favorable or even possible (E wind with 1-2' windwaves for W-facing la Push, with a 4 foot groundswell). You futher stated that a 15-foot swell @ 14 secs would be far better for this coast.

First off, La Push can't handle 15ft @ 14 secs (that's like 20 foot faces) - or maybe it can but it's doubtful you or anyone else would surf it at 20 foot. They'd head to the Strait instead.

Also, oftentimes a windswell will blow all night, then the wind will switch east, causing for E (offshore) winds, but the leftover windpeaks will still in the water. Anyone who surfs the northlands a lot has seen this often, especially in winter when this report was posted. Embed a 4-foot groundswell in it, and I'd much rather surf the 4 foot, offshore, crossed-up swell than your 15 @ 14 secs for La Push. So before you start going off on people with their reports, you ought to more carefully consider the dynamics invloved, and also you need to relax and/or get a life. I have nothing to do with whoever posted the original report, but was rather taken aback by your ignorance on this subject.

By Anonymous , 26-01-2008

LaPush Surf report custosy of surfwater_surfsnow - courtesy of surfwater_surfsnow on

peelers @ Jan 22 2008, 11:47 AM) --


Work sucks. Wish i was at L.A. Push today.

surfwater_surfsnow -

Yeah let's go hit some blown out wind waves, with an on shore wind blowing out from the beach? Dude go play in the rip, let nature take its course. Maybe you will post something worth reading for a change instead of always being a dick on the forums.

Now Monday on the other hand, is going to be phenomenal. 15ft swell with a clean and low onshore breeze blowing in at 14 sec intervals. That’s a surf report worth posting.

By Doc_Gnarlys_Dandruff , 21-11-2007

- camping on the beach is hilarious in the summer. Kinda drunk is the best way to go. I don't think I'd camp out if no one else was camping though, its a little dodgy, you definitely meet some characters looking to cage a drink or a smoke wandering around the beach at night, You can light up huge fires as long as you have a "fire permit" I don't think you really need one for smaller fires though. park behind the school, bring a friend or two. Definitely bring a contractor trash bag and fill it if possible. Theres an amazing amount of litter on the beach especially during the firework season. scariest thing about la push... taking a duece in the san-0-can)at the marina..that was a life threatening experience. Everyone I've met at la push has been either friendly or fucked up.

By Anonymous , 08-09-2007

bodyboarding comp? - I'm just trying to find out some more info. on the bodyboarding comp. this October in Seaside Or. I;vr looked every where online and can't find anything or anyone who may know anything.

By Anonymous , 24-08-2007

New surf shop in Forks!! - Incase you didn't know, there is a new sick-ass surf shop in Forks downtown. The people there are really friendly and they have a ton of cool shit for sale (check out some of the local shapers they have- insane!). No matter what type of surfer you are, the people there are totally nice.

By Anonymous , 24-08-2007

they speak the truth! - I've seen a lot of posts out there that simply try to warn the aspiring new generation of "find it on the net" surfers of the dangers that many of us face out there at La Push on a regular basis. For example- most shark stories you've heard are true. All you have to do to prove that is hike up to the very top of the cliff at the far south end of first beach (you can get there by going to second beach too) on a sunny, clear day and you will always see sharks- this is a known fact to the locals. Also, the natives are cool and should be treated with respect- it's their land and all and it's very nice that they let us surf their beach (unlike the pricks at Grenville). However, most people have had some sort of altercation during their visit. I myself had a knive, then a pair of brass knuckles pulled out on me and my friends for trying to take our beer away. So, as you can see, many people are only trying to give you fair warning so that you know what to expect when you surf here.

By Anonymous , 11-08-2007

..... - what knid of board should i use

By Anonymous , 29-07-2007

rentals - rentals are available right on the beach at la push

By bodyboarder , 23-07-2007

stupid fucks - alot of people talk shit about things that happen to them while they're at diffrent surf spots. 99.9% of those stories are bullshit and are ment to scare you away. ive had my car broken into and over $1,000 worth of goods were stolen. doesnt stop me from going and scoring some waves. all the B.S. on this site shouldnt stop you either. just go and surf, respect local residents (unless there an ass first), and have fun.

p.s. the three mother fuckers who broke into my car got caught.

By Anonymous , 23-06-2007

rentals - Does anyone know where the closest place for rentals in La Push is

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