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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, North West, Oregon North

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By Sleeko , 27-01-2016

Sleeko - I used to surf this place, in the mid 60's. Alot mellower, then. There seems to be alot more commenters (re:bullshitters), than actual surfers. It's hard to believe there's over 700 comments, for a spot that seldom has more than 7-8 people, in the water.

By suckajoe , 12-08-2011

Dear Anonymous 8/25/2010 - I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you missed 3rd grade english class. Am i right??? There's only about 3 guys out there that really rip and i'm almost positive you're not one of them. Sorry Charlie...

By Anonymous , 25-08-2010

Sad - Do u even know who you talkin about were u friends with Jake no u cuz u wouldn't say stupid shit on this kook site that kooks hang out in and talk shit your lil girl that prob only paddles out when it's under six ft so put in your uggs walk back to your home and die everyone likes to pick on seaside cuz thier feelings got hurt when they got heckled or beat down most likely cuz you were acting like an asshole it's really no diff from any other good waves around the world show respect go by yourself and don't paddlle to the peak kick a bud down to the boys maybe surf the cove it's really just commen sence and if your to stupid to understand it GO HOME

By Anonymous , 11-03-2010

Seaside Oregon is awesome -
You can beat up people with your cruiser bike and go to jail.
The old guys think they are still a threat in the line-up.
Seaside has lots a surfers drunk and on hard drugs...So cool
Avenge your brothers death by beating up an old cracked out junkie drug dealer and....go to jail.
You will get barreled...but can you ride it?
Smile at the blonde chick with red skin working the surf shop and you WILL get laid.
Wear a leather jacket and live in your red van doing dope which is awesome when everybody else is gettin waves.
Oh yeah and don't ride the moustache bro.

By Hawkeyes of Perpetuacape , 19-02-2010

Worry more for 'Los Payasos' than for your self, Little Soft One. - Understand these self-appoited local clowns are cursed whenever they commence entering the waters or shorelands from this day forward, their collective fates are most definately awaiting them out there, you will one day soon grow strong enough to inherit our devine & cherished Perpetuacape region. Never forget your humble beginnings by always sharing these sacred Capeline shorelands with any good wandering souls in & out of the water along your chosen homelands. Peace be with you Little Soft one, throughout the remainder of your days as Big Brave One.

By Lil Soft , 02-02-2010

Seaside Jerks - Im a kid and I live in Seaside and the point guys even pick on me and my friends. It's so stupid.

By OR. Indian native , 01-01-2010

In case you wanna lie about your ancestry Gerry, be prepared to include some basic facts detailed as follows: - 1.]Connection of known tribal languages/dialects spoken before turn of the 20th century.
2.]Dates/locations of prairie/coastal/mountain range borders, & where centered in OR.{free hint: Clatsop town/Cty., & Clatskanie Creek/Cty. are your 'gimme' w/latter request}
3.]Other significant spellings of native era Clatskanie tribes.
4.]At least four(4) more village names of these native Indian's tribally-owned lands.
5.]How much toll was charged for passage up or down their Columbia river channel.
6.]The Mooney census{1928} of respective tribal populations {hint: as estimated by Lewis & Clarke should match your figures here}, & where the survivors were eventually moved to.
Your answers should help things along for all concerned, Gerry. Peace be with you in your future travels home.

By Oregon Indan tribal native , 01-01-2010

So Gerry, are you a direct descendent of the Clatskanie, or Clatsop tribes? - Have you ever known Seaside as the Necotat, or Neacoxy villages Gerry? It's highly unlikey you'd answered affirmatively yet, as to ANY of my foregoing questions representing the ONLY TRUE bottom line of who's REALLY a local@Tillamook Head, OR. So shut up & get out Gerry, YOU IDIOT!

By gerry , 29-12-2009

The Law and Surfing....really? - First off, there is absolutely nothing illegal about telling a tourist to "go home" or dropping in on them. Furthermore, ratting out someone for smoking pot on the beach in Oregon has got to be the most pathetic way to stop localism I've ever heard of. Bottom line wherever you surf and don't live: Show respect to the locals and pay your dues. Life isn't always fair. I know its hard for an outsider to understand, but the locals are protecting a natural resource from being exploited. If you actually lived here and put some time into the community, you might get it.

By Anonymous , 26-12-2009

about the point and the law - i've been around oregon surfing for decades and this localism in seaside has always cheesed me case you dont know the history, the problem was probably started in the 60's by a california pro...cant remember his name...and his entourage on a trip north...they showed up at the point and went out on what was described later as a very good day and unfortunately were very agressive and rude in the lineup... dropping in and calling out some of the locals, generally acting like the locals themselves do a result,their car was heavily vandalized and an article later appeared in a surfing mag...i remember reading,i sure dont begrudge the locals involved in that mess back in the day but after that the situation begin to deteriorate steadily and evolved into this intolorable localism of today...i had some close friends surf the point in the 70's and they were accepted by the locals because the were oregon surfers and were good enough and respectful enough to get along with the locals of that time...but to be more to the point (no pun intended)lets think about this...what the "pack of wolves" is doing is just flat illegal... hassling "tourists" and certainly, vandalizing vehicles is against the law...for those of you who might be unaware,there have,in recent years been court cases in california (one in Ventura and another in Palos Verdes)concerning over aggresive locals and though i dont remember the exact outcome, in both cases the courts prosecuted the locals...seems like one of the aggressors might have done a little time... these shennanigans were well covered in the surfing press... so the question is why haven't the police been called in on this?,if i had a local order me out of the water{happened to a friend of mine and his son) or start trash talking me (the law calls this "menacing"} i'd beeline to the nearest cop shop...and at least file a report...i dont see any other way to tone this fecal situation down!...i know there is a lot of bad feelings about Seaside localism...the surfing press knows of it and has published several things about it,in one case referring to Seaside as having the worst localism on the west coast...please somone try to let the laws work for you...this is a PUBLIC BEACH for and the waves belong to all of us...and that's a true fact!..remember,this isn't about whether you like cops or not,or if you're worried about ratting out some surfer "brother"...its about guys criminally intimidating people and breaking the law! law...period...thats what is going on...and of course there is the situation of the wolfpack smoking it in the parking lot...maybe the police would be intersted in that situation...or maybe not...

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