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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Oregon North

USA, North West

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By Anonymous , 13-01-2010

It's Unbelievable - Surfed there in the early eighties. It's like Jeffrey's Bay going left. There's nothing like it in North America.

By Anonymous , 26-08-2009

The Jim Guy - Lets have some peace love any harmony. There is no need to hassle anyone. It shouldn't matter where you are from. Lets rejoice in love and community.

By MrPhil , 10-10-2008

Hey Yall - Ya all gotta chick owt thugh comints ughp en warshington, Thayer all goen mentel...

By Anonymous , 02-05-2008

from down south - to all the old bitter men of the pnw... you are just pissed off you have to surf freezing water everyday and that you get no respect from the rest of the country... even the great lakes has a NSSA circut. oh and that comment about you actually surfing, riding a 8'6" egg doesnt count. I am looking foward to coming up and taking your waves.

By Jeff , 19-03-2008

outsiders - See, this is a perfect example of outsiders trying to surf our waves and getting what they deserved. If you're brown and from out of town, don't step foot on NW beaches. What are they anyway? They're like asian/mexicans or something. If guys from California didn't bring surfing to Hawaii in the 50's, they wouldn't even have the sport to enjoy in the first place. They are the howleeys here.

By Kyle , 15-01-2008

Gerry Lopez - Yeah, Gerry and some other Hawaiian guys were surfing up in Washington State a few years back and their vehicles got smashed and tires got slashed, busted out windows and everything. People don't like Hawaiian surfers in the Northwest. Serves them right for trying to take over at our spots. We were here first! Go home kooks!

And that guy Kala Alexander...he's a kook too! I'd like to see him come to the Northwest with Kai Garcia and Kainoa Mcgee and try to surf our waves and act like a tought guy. They wouldn't even know how to surf on our waves. It's waaay heavier here than on the North Shore. I'm tired of all these little brown faces out in our lineups.

By Canada Surfer , 13-11-2007

Northern / Central Oregon in Winter - Are these parts of Oregon as shitty as Washington in the winter months? Loved Oregon in the summer...

By Anonymous , 02-03-2007

PNW for LIFE - I live up on the Peninsula and a few guys over the years that have come up from Oregon have told me of some good times from where they live. Was thinking about coming down to visit, ride a few waves and go home. So whats the low down on the "localism" around the parts? Is it anything like up here on the Peninsula (for those of you who have been up here)? Just curious.


By Anonymous , 04-02-2007

- "...once the fualt line slips they will all be washed away..."

yes sad but true. the PNW is overdue.

By Anonymous , 21-01-2007

- local at ss are pricks, but that shouldn't stop you. soon they will get what coming to them. once the fualt line slips they will all be washed away. all the other spots are fun and kosher

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