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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Oregon Central

USA, North West

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By Anonymous , 01-04-2010

Central Coast Boo Hoo - Give me a freakin break. No one is coming to envade. This site is just like a travel brochure. Stuff like this has been going on since the 40's bozo's. Ah boo hoo, people for the first time are learning that there are mediocre waves in Oregon? What a crock, pure and simple. What about Surfing or Surfer Magazine, every surf movie ever made. I guess they blew it for everyone who surfs huh? It's people passing info from one to the next Barney. And there are lots of spots that are not mentioned on this site. Just more winers crying over spilt milk. Get a life already.

By Anonymous , 14-06-2008

Summer?? - I know that the winter time is when the major swells arrive, but how is it in July and August?

By Anonymous , 09-07-2007

that pretty much goes for everywhere - thanks man, couldnt have summed it up better, I may be living in mexico now but that will always where I was born and home

By stiffler , 05-10-2006

Central Coast - The central coast has been seeing more and more action on Wannasurf and other spots.
As someone who lives right here in the middle of the central coast, I have to wonder what the motivation is for people to post reports and spots. The area is very pretty, the Ocean is as clean as you're going to find it, and the waves can be allright sometimes.
The area has long been a resort vacation destination, Resort towns were thriving in the 1800's.
Unfortunately, out of area $ and influence is changing the face of this area at an alarming rate. What were once towns of 400 or 1000 people have doubled or quadrupled in size. Out of towners, enamored with the quaint coastal villages, couldn't wait to move here. But when they retire and move here they build 4,000 sq ft stucco houses. They put up fences and signs. They cut down the sitka Spruce and Hemlocks and salaal, and try and grow the same landscape they had wherever they lived before.
Nobody has brought new industry to these towns. the menial jobs provided by the influx of retirees and second home buyers are not worth having.
From a surfers perspective, a site like this is the death nell. Highway 101 parallels the ocean from Lincoln City all the way to California. There is hardly a spot where you can't get a view of the ocean, for now. (The rampant development West of 101 along its length is changing all that, quickly). My point being, if you can't be bothered to drive a little bit, and know what kind of break you're looking for, maybe you need to stay put and hone your skills until you can decide for yourself. A lot of these reports and directions bring the sort of people to the beach who have fires in the driftwood, leave garbage all over the beach, insist on trying to drive on the beach, and leave surf stickers plastered on signs and park facilities. People who are too lazy or ignorant to decide where to surf for themselves. There is also a false sense of security from these websites. Just because I give a place a name, post about the tides and swell, and post a pic of me and a buddy sitting in the water there... it doesn't mean anything. You might as well be at a random spot on the road. A trip report doesnt change the longshore current, the water temperature, the rocks, or any of the sea life that wants to know what you're all about.
There is still a sense of isolation, adventure and discovery here. Please consider your actions and demeanor when you visit here. Before you post a spot or a trip report, take a moment to consider what effect it will have. The isolated solitary surf that you enjoyed may disappear as a direct result of your indiscretion.

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