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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 The Great Lakes

USA, North East

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By Anonymous , 04-08-2010

- @jones I know this is responding to 2 years later, but I'll drop a line anyways. Used to live in Stevensville for a year. Nice town. Lived in southwest MI most of my life. Good rides can happen south side of Silver beach in St. Joe MI on a good NW blow. New Buffalo is another spot to check out. It's south of Stevensville. You'll have to paddle the channel to get to the south side of the jetty. I believe it hits best on NE winds. Also in New Buffalo is . A great place to find all your gear. A guy named Ryan runs it. He seems to be a really cool down to earth guy, that shreds on longboards. South Haven is a hour north of Stevenville has it's days too. If you want to head even further south. There's places on your way to chi-town. One of them is Horseshoe, right by the horseshoe casino. Never got wet there though. Hope this helps you out, if you're still looking for it.

By KYLE X , 01-10-2009

NW PA surf breaks - Anyone got any info on surf breaks in the NW PA region of Lake Erie???

By jones , 06-12-2008

MI - it kinda shocked me to see a line up in the great lakes. eight people isnt much of a line up. the biggest ive seen was about 75 people on a 100yd max. point break wave. it was nuts people yelling and screaming that they were gonna kill you if you got in the way. take what you guys got for granted and surf the hell out of it. as for everybody who said all they have is midget waves why do you give a shit what they got. your just jealous that a line up here consists of ten people having a good time. im gonna be moving to stevensville MI for work anybody that could help me out with surfing info that would be nice. enjoy that clean empty break.

By john , 13-06-2008

Great Lakes Surfing - as a native of michagan transplanted to south carolina there is surf on superior some but its not consistant but i have seen some 15-20 foot waves in october it can get gnarley but dont plan a surf trip. stick to the real ocean but if you live here its fun and exiting when it happens

By Anonymous , 01-04-2008

Great Lakes Surfing - My gosh, the secret is out..yes, michiganders are nothing but surfing midgets!! Those wave pics are of waves only 1 foot tall..look at that midget thrash!!! HA ha...good thing you don't live here...just means more wave for us midgets!! Atleast we can surf all day long without fighting line ups.
Peace brothers!

By Anonymous , 25-11-2007

Looks very shit.. - Yeah by the looks of those pics i agree, they look worse than farting in the bath maybe descent if youre a midget.. wouldnt wana live here

By Jim TenBrink , 27-08-2007

Surfing Lake Michigan - Farting in a bath tub...dude, why so salty? It's as lagit as surfing any where else, minus a sting in the ass from salt water critters. Before you mock your fellow surfer, check out the pics. It's unreal and for real! Granted, we're not the Pacific, but we sure are having a blast!

Michigan, West Coast

By Anonymous , 02-03-2007

- I feel sorry for you americans who live here. A wave here is like farting in the bath...

By , 23-12-2006

angldxebk fywaoh - fcuqrhz niydcmvof tfkzcng opbqwxhkj iwac wjohqral mcjaxteqv

By dan , 03-11-2006

SURF - Hey everyone, Im similar to that last guy, been living in chicago for 18 years and just moved to san diego and took up surfing, now im back and ready to surf the great lakes...Ill most likely be the best out there but its cool

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