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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Marconi beach

USA, North East, Southern New England

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By Anonymous , 21-07-2008

? - wheres the best beach 2 surf cape cod in the summer???

By Anonymous , 11-02-2008

over rated - Marconi is a joke, for kooks only, real surfers go to race point in p town, epic pits up that way

By a local nut , 21-11-2006

- lifeguard whistles dot scare me maybe im really tough i dont know

By HB , 09-11-2006

Locals... - The idea of local in the NE just make me laugh. Are sunny and the boys going to beat me up in the lineup...

Give me a break. I'm more afraid of the women on the cape then the surfers in the lineup. Talk about tough...eek.

By nesurferchic , 08-04-2006

locals-mean? - hey- I went out there last october for the jagillionth time and them locals were the nicest people I ever met. I don't get all this bullshit with NE localism!! I am a CT surfer- get it- no waves in CT!!! I have never ever had a local tell me to screw myself or anything. I have had tourist shithead 18-21 boys acting like they own the wave while on vacation-no lie and that is another story- but cut the shit- ne surfing is not just summer sportage. WE ALL KNOW that when labor day comes our time comes-the snow comes-the ne'strs come, the wetsuits come,and them courdroys come and it is all worth it. with all that space to get around- do us all a bit of typing room and cross your fingers next time man.

By anonymous , 30-01-2006

moron - if youre afraid of locals then walk 100 yards to the next peak and have it to yourself. this place can hold double overhead and is barreling at head high. fastest, best shaped wave on the cape.

By anonymous , 30-11-2004

hmmm - Who is the idiot who put a picture of white crest beach under the marconi beach guide thing? white crest is crap. marconi is awesome. they should not considered one in the same. could someone PLEASE remove the white crest picture from the marconi picture gallery ad place is where it belongs, in the white crest section?

By anonymous , 26-12-2003

yep - this spot rocks. all you bullshit kooks talking about the mean locals here....anyone who knows anything about this place knows tha all you have to do is walk. there are endless sandbars and only the three in front of the lifeguards are taken. just walk, and quit complaining. i've surfed this spot for 14 years and i know who this place works. fabian was unruly at low tide. the outer sandbar doubled up every big wave and made for half wave lips and impossible takeoffs. it cleaned up throught the day. can be slightly dangerous in big swells, strong currents are just an annoyance, but for the most part is just really fun. i dont care if you come here, i'm always a mile down the beach anyway. and the seals are awesome. almost always barreling. break bigger than any other spot, breaks more often. its rocks. and yes, there are rocks.

By anonymous , 08-12-2003

Barrel Fest-Sept-3 - Fabian produced a one day wonder swell at Marconi. We scored well overhead barrels that would stay open forever. Plenty of time to pump through the barrel and enjoy the view. A few seals and a huge sunfish in the lineup...beautiful place!
The traffic on the way out on sunday is trecherousQ

By anonymous , 30-11-2003

heads up! - been surfing on cape for many'll find the greatest hostility @ marconi and nauset PARICULARLY WHEN IT'S GOOD... i HIGHLY reccommend you don't surf either as the locals can be VERY unruly... DON'T SAY YOU HAVEN'T BEEN WARNED...that means you too hyanus BOY...coast guard is your best bet.

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