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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Southern New England

USA, North East

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By stay in your own state , 13-05-2009

ri > ma - theres always something in ri but towards mid summer into spring we get some nasty swells and when we get tropical storms the beach i go to is pumpin, idk why ppl say ri sucks when i see ppl driving from NY and MA with surfboards on top of their car, i go to a private beach in ri and we got a solid rock break/shorebreak/ point break all in a 50 yard area, and for ppl who come to ri and try and talk shit to the locals or talk shit about ri's surf spots u prolly came when the swell was not around but when u leave u scrubs, the waves pick up.

why wud u come to ri if it suxs here? stay up in your moms house sucking her tits dry of milk hoping for some waves bitch

By Anonymous , 04-02-2009

URI - Just because you go to URI doesnt mean you are from RI
dont jersey Rhode Island

By Anonymous , 15-12-2008

Wanna know something? - I would be more than happy to ruin any spots for the Water Brothers

By Anonymous , 16-09-2008

I Love Negativity - Peter Pan sucks, Nesurf sucks, Larry Bird sucks, cape cod sucks and is all kooks, Maine is flat, you are a kook, im a local and I rip, everybody else sucks and doesn'rip. Theres no waves here!! Go home Kook..... I Love that dirty watah!!!!!

By Anonymous , 06-08-2008

Heroes and Legends - Pete Pan and Dave Levy are heroes and legends in their own minds. Rhody is pure dribble except a couple spots when its big. For the most part Rhody is the definition of disappointment.

By Eric B , 01-07-2008

out of towners - I live just south of boston, along the train lines but i grew up on cape. I know there are alot of people new to boston looking for spots. I run to the cape, RI, and occasionally north shore spots (the south shore misses most summer swell)every week or so if there is anyone looking for a ride. as for shops...maybe marshfield or scituate.


By Anonymous , 25-12-2007

Legends and heros - kooks abound in new england surf.Peter Pan,Dave levy and Kevin Grondin are just a few of the guys with delusions of grandure. Rhody sucks we all know that but one would be amazed at the braindead moron locals that reckon their heavys. I'd like to bitch slap all of them into tomorrow.

By Anonymous , 31-07-2007

Aloha - I am from Hawaii, and want to continue surfing during my time at Harvard. Any good spots near Boston? Thanks!

By Anonymous , 20-04-2007

new in town - Hey, just moved to Boston from Aus. No board and only 3/2mm wetty. Pretty keen to get to the beach, even if I cant surf Id like to have a look at the spots out here. Anyone know the best way to scope some MA spots or a good shop in Boston to hook up a board? Cheers

By Anonymous , 14-03-2007

surf - whatup, ive been living in san diego, aussie and costa rica and ill be in providence next fall, if you need someone to surf with hit me up.

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