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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 West end

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By jealous , 08-01-2007

re: pussies - well the pic u see there is my boy from chili..He rips yeah so what if he wears booties in the summer he wears them everywhere and all the time. hes from chili!!! its cold there thats all hes is used to. So i think you are just jealous of his style.

By anonymous , 23-04-2006

what a bunch of assholes - Found a place where I can surf all day, most of the time I have the place to myself and my kids. People who show up are friendly and tolerant. We are talking about riding east coast waves here, not a spaceshuttle launch. When the place goes off I have seen rides I had to pace off to believe, 350 yards. The real oldtimers talk of a wave twice as long. It's not uncommon for a kook like me to catch a ride 175 yard. You have to walk back.

I've been in and out of the ocean since 1959, started surfing the left coast in 1965, and seen this place breaking better than any wave I've seen and no one out. So you assholes can fight over what you think is worth fighting over. If you come around here be prepared to be friendly and give everyone a chance or someone is going to have a "talk". Not telling you where.

By j , 12-04-2006

pussies - anyone that surfs with boots in the summer in jersey is a puss...the shells hurt your feet? take some midol. that goes the cats in the pictures. nice boots

By Dan Chorbak , 26-05-2005

anonymous tough guy - Heh ant mendez wrote here, he was born in raised lb, if you dropped in on him he'd be in your face for sure. If you drop in on anyone here that was surfin this area pre-sand replenishment you deserve to get your face beat in end of story.

By Brian Donohue, Red Bank , 29-03-2005

anonymous tough guys - I love how all the guys who consider themselves locals here and act so tough and threaten the people they call "kooks" go on to sign their posts with anonymous or made up names. How tough is that?

Like anywhere else - some hot shot snakes here and there, but most will be cool and laid back as long as you follow the code of etiquette and stay out of the way if you can't handle it.

By West End Resident , 05-01-2005

West End.. Brighton Ave - I suck at surfing, but don't classify myself as a kook, I'm new to the hardboard, converted sponge-rider. I grew up in Monmouth, went to college at MU and now a fulltime resident of West End. I have met all types in the water, most are friendly, most are young. The older generation, like myself 30+, are all very friendly. I've never seen a fight there, just be respectful along the jetty when there's a southern swell, the better riders are there, so keep left and watch and learn. I will take a smaller break up the beach b/c of less crowds on the weekends. Just come with a friendly attitude, this isn't the movie Point Break and you're not Keanu Reeves.

By LOCAL , 05-01-2005

My back yard - by the way, the kid who is in the pics here, who wears booties even in the summmer, is a mad snake. He dropped in on me this summer and I had to put the treats on him. He paddled off and then stayed out of the way. Take your booties off you freak, its warm, there is no reef to cut your feet on, and you dont rip so hard you need extra traction.

By Avery ave born and raised... , 05-01-2005

LB born and raised - If you were not born and raised here and have paid your respects to the real local crew, dont expect to paddle up to the jetty and get any priority. Sit on the second or third peaks to the left for at least a year or two till your ugly face is know and slowly respected. And if you drop in on one of the boyz get ready for a beat down. We dont care who you think you are. The pit is our back yard... respect our house.

By Anthony Mendez , 05-05-2004

Long Branch - Well, I grew up in Long Branch on the beach and I remember the first spot I had ever surfed which was Pav. ave. There was always a handful of respectable surfers out on a regular basis. Many years later they started with the beach replenishment, which changed the face of our beaches. It took awhile for there to be anything that resembled a surfable wave in Long Branch. During that time I remember sticking to my roots and surfing Long Branch. Even if it was 6 foot wave that broke in six inches of water on the beach with no money for surf equipment I was constantly breaking my boards and fins. Basically you get the picture but let me remind you that it was just me and my friends. Even that handful of respectable surfers were surfing waves that broke out alittle bit further but were nowhere to be seen in Long Branch. Now days the piles are startin to come back Along with the oldschool guys from Pav are a group of new guys that just because they started surfin there the last couple of years, its time to claim it and they want to be recognized as locals. P.S. and for those guys that surf the Pipe just remember we were there before you : )

By another haole , 05-04-2004

memories - I went to Monmouth for a few years in the 90's before the beach replentishment. I nearly cried when I went back and saw what they did to the place. The freakin' condos, the sand. I'm so glad it's breaking again. I live in Hawaii now, and when that wave is good, it was as heavy as many (not all) of the waves out here. I'm serious. I nearly drowned out there more than once. Learned the hard way how to pigdog barrels there. Locals will vibe you, but they vibe you everywhere. Sit on the shoulder until you prove yourself. Nor'easters are the best there, raging black barrels. Surf at high tide.

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