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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Ventnor pier

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 06-08-2009

- i dont think the locals are hostel at all. i went there once when the surf was real good back in early july it was chest high and plenty of surfers out. And i felt no hostility. you should be alright if you stay out of someones way on a wave and honor the code. But then again it was around 6pm most were eating dinner. Also i went out with a local so that could be it too. But i still feel its a pretty laid back surf spot and fun.

By Anonymous , 26-05-2007

1st time there - and a hurricane was don its thing..sept 06 the waves were 6 headhigh and most in the water were surfin good.kooks probably on the beach watchin? well anyway im visiting from imperial beach cali, about dirty water you have no clue well maybe u do...anyway it had power and good sections..the hawwaiian dudes a kook come on hawaii,yeah in the 80s maybe,the place is lame as hell...k north shores good but all the drama that comes with dude i a surfer,,its ridiculous,theres more to life than did u see that cutback dude..awesome barrell.hawaiians the biggest thiefs on earth......

By local , 30-08-2006

Dangerous - When you go here be careful, the locals are extremly dangerous and will not hesitate in resorting to violence

By DannyBoy , 20-01-2005

Loving the Pier - I'd rather surf the mush all day in Ventnor then put up with the aggro BS at the other local places. Sure, there's a lot of kids & beginners...but it's nice, laid back surfing all day...and it's only a few block from my house.

By TJ , 19-03-2004

New to ventnor - Yo whats up im new to ventnor my dad just bought a place there and i was wondering how the surf was and if anyone in here could tell me about ventnor i used to surf and hang out in avalon and OC and i never even been to give me an email if you got some time or somthin id appreciate it

By Count Kook-u-la , 21-01-2004

VP in the Spring - VP gets pretty good in the Spring. Something to do with the way the sand bars set up due to the constant low pressures drifting west to east. It's not nearly as good (or consistent as AC), but its a decent alternative if there's a little ground swell runnin' and you don't want to deal w/all the fags that crowd the line in AC. And as for you hawaiian guy, keep your pidgeon homo comments to yourself and where they should be - 6,000 miles away from the bad-ass mo-fo state of Jersey. Peace.

By anonymous , 09-12-2003

Just cause it's blue, doesn't mean it's clean - Our water is not necessarily dirty because its dark. It's a sandy break and the sand gets churned up - that's why it's dark. That's what it's supposed to look like in this part of the world. Hawaii, unfortunately, has some real polluted spots...some alot worse than here, despite their beautiful pristine appearence.

Why's everyone so angry?

By Red head , 27-11-2003

no title - If we suck so much then why are you visiting the Jersey sites on this website? Yeah, you live in Hawaii. Yeah, the waves are in a different leauge. So, I guess that makes you important or it strokes your ego to shit on those who live in areas that don't have the waves Hawaii does. Also, please people who live in this area don't try to act like local tough guys. Nigga please. If you want to be hard go to Camden. Keep this place mellow. Jersey's relatively empty six or seven months out of the year. Especially if you are an unemployed bum who can surf during the weekdays. Cold, desolate and empty line ups.That's the way I like it. You Hawaiins can keep your heat and crowds(actually crowds probably doesn't do the situation justice.) Bring on the cold and snow snow snow snow snow snow. P.S. Hey Atlantic City stop taking my money you bastard. South Jersey rules

By anonymous , 14-11-2003

no title - You wanna be tough Guys in Jersey make me laugh. Surfing there sucks. Here in Hawaii it rules! There is less bad attitude here and the waves are better. You can keep your dirty water.

By Vnative , 28-07-2003

Relax - Ventnor is usually crowded and there are a lot of kooks and kids. You have to admin it's a fun break without the aggro crap from uptown.

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