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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Skegs , 07-04-2013

update info, nothing good to tell - Old trail from road near Lower Thoroughfare bridge has been closed. Walking south from Diamond Beach is closed due to wildlife protection volunteers and federal law. Park in wildlife area and walk the long trail to a deck which over looks the beach from the top of the dunes. You can check the waves, but forget about taking the boards or surfing. The only access may be by boat. Surf elsewhere, the hassle isn't worth it, which is terrible, because I've had a thousand surf sessions at this wonderful beach in the old days. Any one with more positive news, please post it.

By Anonymous , 20-06-2009

if you want to go - sorry for any past problems surfers have had,i am a coastie and yes it is a goast guard base, so it is a military installation (its not like you would waltz on to fort bragg...) with that being said, the beach itself is not coast guard property, so this surf spot is totally legit, if you wanna go shoot me an email theres a group of us that go a couple times a week warm or cold.
take it easy,

By Anonymous , 30-01-2009

this place aint that great! - They say the grass is always greener on the other side...or in this case the waves are better on the other side of the rocks! The waves are the same in the area either side! there is just hype around this spot cause you need CG i.d to surf it..big deal

By Crest Kid , 01-02-2007

The Rocks are Nice - rocks is almost always better than anywhere else in wildwood, but the damn bird people are killing me! whatever, i manage to surf there everytime i want and i have never been stopped. i dont mess with the birds or encroach upon theyre fenced off area. I just walk the path to the beach and go down to the jetty. I almost always score waves. its good to have one gem in an area (so. jersey)thats is mostly shit. its a big enough area with the best waves being in a 100 yrd stretch off the you can show up

By Anonymous , 29-01-2007

Warning - The warning is legit... Suited up and started walking and the guy gave me and my two younger brother a really hard time. Took my liscence, called Lower Twp Police, Took pictures of me... The Lower COp was cool but the Coast Gaurd guy was a total tool. He kept asking me why I was lying about my info and how come I didn't have my liscense with my when I was getting ready to Paddle out. I got my liscence after trecking back to my truck and the guy contiued to talk down to me. I told him I work as a Guidance Counselor and work on the beach in the summer and I wasn't looking for trouble but didn't appreciate his tone. He continued to talk down to me until the Lower Twp cop stepped in and told the guy he was going to take care of it... He told me that the coast guard would be making examples of people and that he'd let me go... Long story short... sat around for an hour listening to this park Ranger didn't surf there and was wondering if he was going to mail me a ticket...

So I take my boat out like 3 weeks later and some hammer on a BZ paddles over and starts trying to act tough saying he's in the coast gaurd and going to call the cops... I told him I bet him $20 he wasn't even Active and that with only one other guy out I was going to kick his a** if he disrespected me again... I also dropped a couple coast gaurd names and needless to say the "tough guy" on the BZ went away...


By Anonymous , 05-08-2006

BLA BLA warning - Wow you think we really care about a fine. We don't need no stinking warning!!!!!!See you tommarow morning!

By Anonymous , 29-06-2006

Warning - Im in the coast guard, and just to warn you, they are writing $1000 dollar fines for civilians trespassing on govt property at Trestles. And if there are any CG families on the beach, they are calling security on civilians.

By anonymous , 22-05-2006

Gotcha covered homie - Trestles is a rareie. It's difficult to access, due to the Coast Guard base. But you won't have a problem with that , if u have a coast guard ID. I used to surf here all the time when I was younger. I first discovered the spot for myself , jumping waves on my jet ski . It doesn't happen that often, but when it does , it's damn solid. Two ways to get there. Go to the beach , look right and walk , far ( you'll have to overcome two goobers with walkie talkies if it's summer hours.) When u reach the jetty , that's it. You can also park right in the coast guard base , and take a really cool , dune/nature trail to the beach. Either way it's a hike. Good luck , I guarantee it's not hawaii, but I also guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised how clean and good Jersey can get. You'll probably miss the consistency the most, but it's not too bad. June sux, but it just gets better from there. North tends to get the swell first. Cape May has lots of good surf spots, but is not as consistent as places further north. Last June was surprisingly good though. If you're gonna get a pass let me know , My lil bro's friend used to have one and we'd all get on, but now it's a pain in the ass. Lemme know if u need any other help . Happy moving

By anonymous , 15-05-2006

Rocks/Trestles - Moving to Cape May from Hawaii and doing some research on surfing spots. This Rocks place sounds like a sure thing. I will be working as a civilian in the Coast Guard so I will have access on base. Just need a better idea of where it is at. Any help would be appreciated.

By anonymous , 17-10-2005

Just go out - For all you saying that its not worth the hassle, cuz they will arest you and shit, just go out. If your a true local they wont do anything, if they do its a small town and everybody know everybody, nothing will happen.

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