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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Townsends inlet

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 30-03-2007

- never actually seen this spot get any bigger than waist high but i think it has some potential with a good hurricane ground swell. As for people crowding this spot forget about it, there is such a strong current here only those with local knowledge or ripped out of there minds would think of paddeling out here. all the kooks head to 30th anyway so why worry

By Anonymous , 22-02-2007

- surfed it firing. has to be a larger long fetched noreaster. 10ft plus seas. winds still north east and incomming tide. chest high at best but 100 yrd lines and heaving.

By Anonymous , 12-06-2006

- Worry about yourself. What do u mean WHY???? I know it's obvious that 95% of people who post shit on this site are lousy surfers, but let's not be naive and think Jersey has tons of secrets left. When some kid gets sucked out it'll be his fault, not the person who posted the spot.

By , 08-06-2006

Pay your toll - I will drop in on you when I vacation there, even if it is ankle high. Just for the Philly and Cherry Hill comments... Nothing is secret if you can see it from a farkin' toll booth. Enjoy your next trip to Costa tough guy.

By anonymous , 30-05-2006

- I'd like to see someone surf there. I've often imagined it going off. I've only ever seen it like one foot and reeling. Perfect for G.I. Joe. Plus the current flowing out of the inlet seems a little rediculous. But then again, it's not a spot I check on a regular basis so I wouldn't know. I only really see it when I'm driving across the bridge in the summer to visit friends in Avalon. Fall, winter and spring I go straight to O.C. coming from the north.

By anonymous , 30-05-2006

why?? - Why would anyone post this spot at the beginning of the summer season? Now, every philly kid who thinks they know how to surf will want to surf the secret sot that only locals surf. Besides the fact that a lot of inexprienced kooks will be here now, there is a reason it's mainly a winter spot. Townsends inlet is one of the busiest boating inlets in South Jersey. When some surfer from Cherry Hill gets pulled out a little and is killed by a speedboat taking the cut in front of Sea Isle, I hope whoever posted this spot realizes they are to blame. This spot can not handle a crowd, and is way too dangerous for most of the people who will be reading this and heading to the inlet with their boards.

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