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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 The cove sandy hook

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 08-12-2006

nicest wave in monmouth county - definitely the nicest wave in monmouth county when theres swell. too bad its also the most crowded break in new jersey, even when there isnt swell. its fuckin packed at all times. on a good day, they'll only be about 25 people out, which doesnt sound bad, but u gotta realize that its only 1 wave that comes thru.

By Anonymous , 20-07-2005

Really great surf! - I visited the cove one time and when I was there, the surf was about 4 feet high. I don't know about you but I think those are pretty decent waves!

By anonymous , 13-03-2004

Rock pile is the spot.......Cove is not.......... - Sandy hook cove? fuck that......up the beach on the rock pile goes off..... who are these guys crying????????

By anonymous , 08-02-2004

no title - There is no point break in Cape May. One similarity is that Cape May is half the size of other breaks, though it is offshore when the winds NE. The spot during nor easters before the winds go offshore. Come on down and crowd it up.

By anonymous , 08-12-2003

Sand Pit - The cove in the past has produced some of the best waves in NJ. Superlong rights standing up all the way through the inside. That is before the pump, now the break just dumps on the beach. There used to be another wave further up the point that was even better than the cove,but the sand has claimed that one as well.

By confused local , 26-09-2003

overrated - This place is overrated. Can't tell you how many times I seen 50 guys out (mostly longboarders, and little kids) when there were better quality waves going off all over the place. This is the place everyone goes to when the waves are head high elsewhere. Why? I don't know, maybe because "its the cove! dude!". Fuck this place! Actually, everyone can have it. outta here!

By , 10-09-2003

sad days for the "cove" - don't waste your time. this hot spot is ice cold. The cove has been back filled with sand creating a steep drop-off and no decent break. I cant tell you how many disappointed faces I've seen this summer (2003) walking up to cove only to find a small churning wave running down the beach. Although decent surf was forecasted this past weekend with hurricane flamian, the cove still resisted any decent break. what a shame. maybe some heavy wave action and a turbulant winter can turn this onetime heaven of a break back to its old glory. and as the locals know, stones is just as bad this summer. there is a silver lining here though. take the path less traveled and the hook will yield an epic break you won't believe.

By , 20-05-2003

"welcome to aggro city" - Been surfing this spot for 30 years - snad is starting to fill it in and it won't last - heavy "agression session" on the big days - take off are tight and there is no surf edicate - so "drop in are the rule for young and old a like" - best bet is to get there early (5amish) and ride an old board with lots of dings - cause if the rocks don't get you the crowd of "surf nazi's" will - better bet is to go down to squan or just stay home and what "big wednsday" me i'm moving to cali where atleast you can get in a fight over a real wave. gripe - gripe - gripe rbinrb

By Carson , 14-05-2003

Head south! - Better waves down south. Manasquan and Point Pleasant are bigger and more consistant. Although, you can get a killer porkroll, egg, and cheese sandwich in Sea Bright! better off going south.....

By BB , 13-04-2003

Bad place to Surf - The waves fun and good to learn on but you could always go farther south on a big day and farther south it'll be 2 times as big. ITS ALWAYS CROWDED ON WEEKENDS. In the summer it's crowded every day.

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