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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Spring lake

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Chris , 06-08-2006

LOCALISM?? - I thought I would try surfing here in the east coast, since I have now lived here for three years and I have heard there are some decent waves. Many of my summers have been spent going to the various islands around hawaii, as I go with my family and surf with the locals. In my time at the the best surf spots in the world, at some of the most isolated islands, where there are actually hawaiin "rednecks," I have made many friends with the locals. The locals in hawaii have always been friendly, and respectful, they respect the water and anyone with the guts to get in it.
And then I am on this website and I hear about fights over brown 3ft.(on a good day)waves? What is that all about? I think it is made up, mostly by wanna-be surfers who think thats how surfers act on the west coast and elsewhere. Its lame, purely lame, defeats the whole purpose of getting in the water and makes New Jersey look bad. If I need to take a baseball bat with me to surf in New Jersey, I think I might stay home and wait for my annual two weeks in Hawaii.

By anonymous , 07-10-2005



By David Eggars , 24-08-2005

Salt Water Can Freeze IDIOT - Wow, just by your grammar and spelling you really shouldn't be calling anybody out on any type of intellectual debate. SALT WATER can and does freeze. Have you ever seen the bay frozen? If you haven't, then you obviously have never been at the coast of New Jersey during the winter. Guess what type of water occupies the bay - that's right salt water. Salt water and fresh water differ. One aspect in which they contrast is the temperature at which they freeze. Fresh water freezes at 32 and salt water HAS THE ABILITY to freeze at either 27 or 29(sorry I forget which temp is correct). The bay freezes at cold temps easily because there is no motion. Surfers in New England sometimes share the line up with with miny iceburgs. Don't believe me? Then do some research, FAG. God, there are really some stupid, stupid people out there.

By D. Manekas , 23-08-2005

Spring Lake Solo Sessions - Wuddup. I've been surfing Spring Lake for years. All I can say is, when it's on, and the sand is right, and the swell is pumping...Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall you'll get your wave. Spring lake is one of Monmouth County's jewels. I've caught many a solo session when it's FIRING all by my lonesome asking myself "where are all the kooks at?". Rights, Lefts (I've got my secret left dedicated to swell direction), or splitting a peak between jetties with a bud, you'll get your surf on. As mentioned previously, in the Fall and Winter the real magic happens...nice, big, short lived swells followed by offshores create conditions that rival travel locations around the world...the difference is, all I have to do is hop in my car, drive 10 minutes, and paddle out. Peesh out.

By anonymous , 01-06-2005

uhh - water gets in the 20's is this guy reatrted bud salt water cant frezze which means it cant get cooler than 32 fag

By me , 29-09-2004

locals - id take a walk south of washington to pier beach(brown ave) much friendlier surfers, u get rights and lefts, best breaks off the jetty tho. surfed there from the begging, fav place to b at when theres waves, usuaally kicks up nic to.

By anonymous , 15-07-2004

- locals only beach at Washington Avenue. Crowd very cold to non locals.

By WWW.SQUARED.TV , 13-05-2004



By anonymous , 28-11-2003

no title - To the moron that tries to act intelligent (GO TO SCHOOL), salt water doesn't freeze at 32 degrees. It's 27-29 degrees(sorry genius, but I forgot which temp is correct) Also, moving water won't freeze up. If there is swell, the water can be 25 and it won't freeze over. I talked to some old timers in Ocean City, one day, and they told of a time when we had an extremely cold high pressure system sitting over Jersey for weeks, and the ocean was doing its impression of a lake. The water dipped well into the twenties and the ocean started to freeze up. Rare occurence. The water usually drops into the low to mid thirties during a normal winter. Usually will be in the area of 32-36, for a period, during late Jan into Feb. And if we are having a good winter it's not unusual to have at least one clean 4-8 foot day per week with no one out. I know it's macho to act like all Jersey's waves are small but if you really do surf(all year) you will see plenty of head high + days. Unless you're surfing the wrong spots.

By anonymous , 22-11-2003

no title - This is the guy who submitted the spot again.
8' spitting barrels is pretty unusual, you're right. THe reason I said that is because you can EASILY find a jetty in spring lake, completely to yourself.

I should have been more specific though. Oh well.

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