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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Spray beach

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By anonymous , 22-05-2006

Names - What's with the names in surfing. I mean , I look in Transworld and every page there's a pair of sandals with a homer and his name. I idon't care about anyone surfing but, me . Screw Anthony , worry about urself, the man-love in surfing is just getting plain ridiculous.

By yea right , 10-11-2005

big hair - love jersey girls with big hair ....they always put out for us west coast rippers

By anonymous , 10-01-2005

- Yeah, I just moved to the East Coast and I'm already hearing stories about Anthony. Supposedly, the tsunami caused a huge W swell that pushed all the way "underneath" the Indonesia, Micronesia, Hawaii, California and the rest of the North American continent, only to resurface at Spray Beach, 5000 miles away. Anthony was the only one there to catch it. He was sweating his a$$ off in boardshorts, getting tubed. Radical, brah! Ooops I mean -- hez uh wriper wif hiz 6"2' kustm Rohn-John 3finn!

By asdf hater , 20-01-2004

Stories of the Big A at Spray Breach - Any one interested in talking about anthony's surfing ability. I am looking for as much information posted on this site as possible of sightings of Anthony, stories of Anthony's conquests, jilted lovers, long lost surfing trips, illegit kids, recent sightings. Maybe someone has some rare footage of Anthony ripping on his 1974 twin fin. And what about those surfin trips to Mexico, beach boys playin on the radio. Please post your stories here now. Anthony has many fans who just cannot get enough stories of the big A. What about this trips to Indo in the 60's and who could forget that fist trip to Fiji. Post Now so that we can get the full story of this outstanding East Coast Surfer Dude.

By anonymous , 20-01-2004

get a job - jzebrow you have too much free time. Would you get a job and quit playing with Brandon.

By jZebrow, ship bottom , 19-01-2004

anthony is a retard - anthony, do you know how to speak english. reading what you post is like chewing on glass. you should spend less time exaggerating waves and learn how to write the language spoken in this country.

By anthony , 18-04-2003

Waves - yo we got some nice waves breaking right bout now, just gota let the wind die down or chage and weil have some great over haed sets but as of now nutin really ridable. try 2 get out ther. cya

By anonymous , 13-04-2003

... - course this site sux the only good part is the free swell maps.

By your local surf shop , 04-04-2003

Dont play with yourself! - Hey spanky, you do realize that any kind of a west swell would be coming from Philly right? And any reason you left out the north and south wind in spray beaches vavorable wind directions? It's not polite to tell fibs. Don't take this all so seriously though you'll figure it out I guess. U no wut i meen. Besides this whole web site sucks my ass. Wanna Learn Something? go to and have your mom pay the 7 bucks a month.

By anthony , 20-02-2003

problems do we? - ok they wont update this shit so if ne of u guys still got a problem wit me my s/n at AIM is SkaPunkX22 so just like calm down just a lil unless ur all kooks then remain the assholes u r cnt help u wit that 1

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