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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Silver beach

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 19-02-2009

Know your place ... - Tread softly when Rippin and Worm are out. They are the Mayors of Chadwick and Silver since the late 70's.
Any bennies or barneys want to step up they will have to pass through these guys.
Heads up !!

By gg , 16-08-2005

careful - just to let you guys know.. i was out around august 2nd, that days the swell was breaking real nice off shore but right on the sand bar regardless of the tide,,, any way ,,,, sitting on the board and looked to my left and saw a good size brown shark. could hace been a bigger sand shark but i would like to think i know the difference. my friens had told he he had seen them over the years but i never believed him. it was right on top of the water and i got a good look at him, i guess he got lost but he was definitly there. i got scared shit and paddeled out, it was my first sighting. just thought the locals should know. later.

By anonymous , 03-06-2005

5.5!!!! Idiot - That looks head high to me.

By anonymous , 27-05-2005

- Screw you Phil (i think)!!!!!! Why don't you go put on some more sunscreen loser? Why don't you grow some balls and not take showers everytime you get outta the water!!

By anonymous , 26-03-2005

Try 3 foot at best - 5.5 footer? Are you talking about the surfers's height?

By anonymous , 30-01-2005

Picture? - Who the hell is that a picture of? I sent in better pics and they didn't put them up!

By Evan Fruscione "tan kid" (local surfer) , 08-09-2004

Fun Local Surf Spot - Overall, Silver Beach is a pretty fun surf spot that pumps out some nice waves during the hurricane season. It has its swell lulls, like any other NJ private beach, but provides some nice surf when storms roll in. In addition, Silver Beach has got some of the best local shredders on the east coast. Silver 7 forever!!!!

By E , 01-08-2004

Surfing Silverbeach - I was up in Silverbeach during a weekend in July before my friend showed me this site and I would have never thought it be recognized as a spot. It was about as flat as i've ever seen jersey for an entire day friday and until low tide at 7:00 P.M. saturday night. But me and my friends paddled out Saturday night and sunday morning anyway, and we caught some of the best rides that ive ever seem on the east coast. We went out at low tide and the waves came out of nowhere, literally. Perfect crumbling chest high waves with fast drop ins and long rides. We must of been 100 yds. out or so and i couldnt touch the bottom. Not sure if theres usually a sandbar but even without one, Silverbeach delivered. Never got to surf Normandy. Im guessing both spots must get overhead during storms. Not a bad little spot and the beach is right off the road. ShrEd it up.

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