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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ship bottom

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Team Rash , 06-09-2005

Army Corps is too busy now in N'Awlins - No beach replenishment in LBI. The sandbars and surf will be ruined. Ship Bottom for life

By LBI , 19-04-2004

no title - Woodies has the best burgers in the planet

By anonymous , 11-02-2004

Go home - Don't come to LBI to surf. Its not that good and the locals don't like you.

By anonymous , 01-07-2003

no title - yeah take your son to get lessons but try to keep out of the way of more experienced surfers we only get to surf every so often and we don't want it ruined by someone who is new at it

By jo mama , 18-06-2003

poop poop shedoop - i like cheese it is yummy but not as yummy as human flesh. i have 4 toes cause my dog ate one and now i cant wear toe sox.
my dogs name is sir poops a lot cause he poops everywhere. I like cheese and human flesh and i hate surfing it sux i hate yall boarding
folk and hope u fall off ur boards and get bitten by hungry sea turtles peace easy fo real im out

im playin homes slices i love surfing its been real peace out mango fruits berry cherries with mustard on it

By anonymous , 15-06-2003

report - The place in early june is very Cold if your not used to the north. where a full suit if your from the south chopy waves not a
lot going on but most get better and warmer in the middel of summer. good amonet of surf shops + the ronjons which is
pretty cool not a bad spot.

By Captain Acid , 03-04-2003

Hope this helps - Brighton Beach Surf Shop on Long Beach Island offers lessons and surfboard rentals.

By , 27-03-2003

Can you help us - Hi: I spent virtually every summer in Ship Bottom when I was a kid. We live in Durham NC now, but will be returning for a week
June 9th through the 13th. Our 15 year old son is yearning to surf. Is there a way he can spend the week surfing with
some supervision? I was wondering if you had some kind of surf school where he could learn the basics. He naturally wants
his independance, but I remember the undertoe being quite challenging. I barely made it back to the shore many a time. I am concerned about that. Could you also
comment on the water temp at that time, and the need for a wet suit, costs for all this etc. It would be the best week of his life
if he could do this. Many thanks. Karen Golden

By anonymous , 26-03-2003

Return of the Jedi - Yes watch out for the jedi - especially yoda.

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