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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sandy hook the cove

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Rahway Inmate 25-life , 18-12-2008

Remember the movie "Point Break?'' - Just keep robbing banks to accumulate lots of money for your self, whilst wearing any former president's halloween mask, until you can afford to travel where a good point break is working. It's a win-win situation, coz even if you get caught & end-up doing your time@Rahway's, we've got plenty guy's on point right now just waiting to break on you. Yellow Rose sounds like exactly what the guys all need here; you'll become very popular bro!

By , 18-06-2007

Need some NJ surfing info asap - Hi - Down on the Jersey shore for summer. Would like to know where to surf close to the Rahway area. Not too experienced but would like to keep learning. Any ideas on where to go ???

By Anonymous , 27-12-2006

- was here on christmas. sucks.

By Loke , 09-12-2006

Cove is Done - The cove is done. So much sand has filled the place in. The Corp is starting to pump sand from the north from an underwater pipe. What use to be a great surf spot is now a less-than-average beach break. Time to head south.

By LocalBoy , 27-05-2006

Creepy Place - NO JOKE! Don't surf the COVE in the early morning! Things are creepy there in the morning for the past few months! You should have heard this from any local or Ranger by now! Ever wonder why the Park Rangers swarm that place. It's either a few ticked off fisherman or some scum bag surfers.

By , 22-08-2005

- during the summers i surfed mainly south jersey such as ocean city. my uncle is a life gaurd and keeps telling me to buy a wetsuit because in september/october it could be epic. after reading all this it seems like its nothing but hype. is it still a decent place to surf in the fall/ late summer or should i find another spot

By antibenny , 01-08-2005

- they aren't shoebies up north. we call them bennies here...but its the same warm feeling about them. at this park they get liquored up, naked, and run each other over with body boards. natural selection i say.

By , 06-06-2005

wtf is with all the shoebies in the water - alright i went down to the cove yesterday first time i'd been there after memorial day we suit up walk all the way from the parking many fricken beaners and non-surfing bumbs in the water there was pretty decent swell and there was no surfers in the water this was around three o'clock, anyone no why this would be email me at

By , 12-04-2005

Cold H20?? - I am coming back up to my home town in Sandy Hook, to surf! I just picked up the sport 1yr ago. Is the H20 Fridged up there?

By anonymous , 03-11-2004

Rol - Rol is still around, lifeguarding at the hook, ripping as usual. You won't find him at the cove much, because of how bad it is, look for him down south, or some other break.

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