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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, North East, New Jersey

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By C Chach , 17-04-2007

Sands is STILL breaking!!! - Hey everyone...I just checked Sands after this Nor'Easter and it was still breaking...only about 10-15 yards left of beach. Also, the jetty to the right is fully underwater which is sick. The waves were about Chest to Head high and OH on set. Good lines and the barrels were wider than I've seen before and a lil' faster too. I hope this holds for the Summer...but prob not. Cross our fingers!!!

By C Chach , 23-11-2006

Sands still breaking... - Hey everyone. Happy Turkey day! Anyway, last weekend my family and I were taking X-mas card pics at the beach and my bro and I still saw Sands breaking...not as far out though as Ernesto. However, i vision maybe a nice sandbar for next summer...also because of winter and nice early winter waves. We'll see! Alright later guyz. Peace.

-C Chach

By C Chach , 23-11-2006

Sands still breaking... - IDK y i checked but Sands was still breaking...not as far out as it was on the last day of summer or ernesto but its still breaking...Maybe good news for next summer. Happy holidays to all!

By C Chach , 16-10-2006

Pics... - I submitted those pics...and yes they're from Sands...the rider in the second pic is Matt Gilson...just if you come here or belong here...stay away from the expeerienced...kook.

By l , 16-10-2006

pics - who submitted those pics. and who is that rider in the 2nd picture? looks sick.

anyone know?

By jake s , 16-10-2006

who posted below me - who posted the two below me? just wondering.

and that picture on the right is awesome. whoever the rider is has some nice style. is the pic really sands? looks fun!!

By matt , 16-10-2006

Sands - sands probably broke like 5-10 times outa the whole summer. Some decent sand bars form in the winter, but if def prefer riding somewhere else. during the hurricane like september 4th, around the Jenks Pro, sands was breakin sick. but i went down to manasquan and it was breakin much bigger!!! but that day it was like 30 yds offshore and barrelin at sands, in and out barrels most waves, for me at least

By josmyster , 22-09-2006

good. - sands is fun if u go durging a huriicane swell , but when it gets good the barrels brake reely fast. during a good swell it creates sand bars and the waves were unbelleiveible since normally its beach break a lot.
Pick a week during a good swell and the waves will be sick!!...

By , 22-09-2006

yo - im takinga trp down nj. anyone recommend any good spots?

By C Chach , 20-09-2006

Um..... - Sands can be fun on its days...but most of the time it is terrible. Even when Monmouth Beach is breaking this place may not...or its barely breaking on sand with shells. However, when its breaking, either after a 'cane or long period swell, there'll be a sandbar(s) and I am dead serious it could probably be one of the sickest waves around. Even tho there can be tons of people that are kooks (Esp. during summer...beach club) it can still be sweet. If you want a good spot though to ride, I'd suggest heading South (Highly suggested)...unless you WANT to go to Sands...Overall, choose the right day to go and you'll get your waves...

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