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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sae isle city 48th st

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By , 03-07-2007

anything legit? - if anyone has any legit info about good spots in jersey, let me know through email or on here, otherwise i really dont care what you have to say

By Anonymous , 16-05-2007

Sea isle is fun - sea isle is a great place to sur in he winter if you havea wetsuit and booties ect. but in the summer it barley gets any surf also all new york people come down :(

By Anonymous , 01-05-2007

just chill fags - shut your mouths surf and take a chill pill...SIC all good

By scotty hambone , 12-04-2007

new jersey give it up - to bad theres going to be an ASP PRO JUNIOR in the S.I.C so calm down buddy im coming to 74th see u there... ur a kook and a fag

By shine , 03-02-2007

shoobies - ill personally kick any friggin' shoobies with their little water shoes or sponges that try and go out in S.I.C. The shoobs can have 48th street, 74th holds the big sets better anayways. In that one good July swell this summer it was pumping at 74th. Don't even bother going out if you own a BIC- its not worth it kook.

By anonymous , 04-12-2005

- im living on 48th street this summer:)

By anonymous , 06-11-2005

- you can surf where ever you want, but do with respect. i will guard my base like a little kid, thats how much i love it. if i saw half of you guys in the winter out there, i wouldnt have a problem, because that would tell me that we share the same stoke and in effect sometimes the waves

By anonymous , 14-10-2005

right on sista - Damn right. I too thought this web site was about surfing and not being an idiot. Look it's simple, stop talking shit all the time = a happier you. I say this because the type that always slanders loses. You get beat up and generally have less fun in life than the rest of us. I love to surf, but I also do other things besides guard my base like a five year old playing tag. Go where ever you want girl. If your're up in Brooklyn you probably wanna go to like LBI or further south where there's less localism. Either way, you'd have to be a total loser/scumbag to harass a girl in the water. Do what you do, where ever you want!! ;)

By a call to all the non-tools! , 29-08-2005

tools!!! - Jeez, I thought that having a place to post messages would be a good thing. A pre-emptive thanks to all of you out there who actually contribute useful information about surf spots, and continue to spread peaceful vibes. I know there are many interpretations of what surfing (as a lifestyle-whether or not it is) is to the citizenry of the world...sorry a ramble, but my point is that I am looking to find some surf spots for the fall. I live in Harlem, I just want a nice physical release, kinda along the lines of getting some great exercise, communing with the ocean, getting knocked around a bit (a beginner here) on either LI or NJ. I teach middle school to kids whom have never been to the ESbuilding, or to the Metropolitan, or even to Central Park for that matter. OK, my point is that I'd like some constructive info on where and how I might get to a nice sandy beach break (I tend to pearl a lot right now-I think that's it-nosedive!) Maybe find a place where the locals are helpful (I really do watch myself and try to adhere to all the etiquette-I don't want to smash or get smashed). Lastly, for all the gentlemen out there who think that ruffling your feathers out is impressive, it's not, you suck, get a life, and you deserve the girl (or boy-he he he) with whom you get stuck!!! Oh yeah, you can drop the slurs too, it's really not impressing anyone-it only negatively reinforces the less palatable points of surfing culture. Try to spread the love, or enroll in a course, pick up a book, wax your board, just leave the rest of the world alone with your karmic-sewer attitudes! PS-don't bother calling me a fag, I'm a woman. Don't even guess as to my racial or ethnic background-because it doesn't matter. And no, a chest-puffing-out-display-of pseudo-brevity is not going to rile me to want to come down and fight. In fact, I'm going to go surf the web for a better website, at least until the comments here stop becoming a shit-smearing fest and the users get it together.

By anonymous , 09-08-2005

Better - Im a local and 48th is much better than 52nd. 52nd is always so damn crowded. (shoobies)

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