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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Princeton ave

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By PatrickB360 , 30-12-2011

Funny Stuff - There are only about 10-15 true surfers who frequent the break and surf when it actually gets good. When its big I can count on one hand how many guys will actually show up. There are absolutely no gangs militias or cults at the break... if so they will be quickly delt with. Like the dude above said... write it on your board and see what happens.

By MM#1 , 19-01-2006

p-cult - there is a p cult..but its weak . i live on p ave and the break hasnt' been good for hte past 3 years...also watch out for the manto militia.

By the rooster , 03-10-2005

ted mozer - i was out surfing last week at the cult and i ran into this cat ted mozer and let me tell you this kid can rip... he is one of the official rippers of the cult and holds the forbidden key to the tribe.. watch out for the rest of the cult members especially the ones that go to power house.. word up hawk...

By P-cult member , 06-08-2005

P-cult - The P-cult is real, if you don't know come to Princton ave when it's good you'll find the cult. P-cult for life

By ha , 08-06-2005

joke - There is no such thing as the P-Cult. Stop writing stupid shit on the ground. If anyone actually thinks they are in the P-Cult- write it on your board and see what happens.

By MG , 21-12-2004

NJSponger - Yeah P-Cult rips and own it. Don't expect much for rides when its on b/c it will be defended. Only a few boogers ride here year round besides the cult. Did i mention it sucks about 99% of the time?

By beach qeef , 27-08-2004

saturday super sessions - two weeks ago on a saturday i was out with the boys and let me tell you we were absolutly slashing and ripping......if you ever go to this break steer clear of the p-cult tribe these boys are dangerous in the water....these cats can rip...

By bunghole , 11-05-2004

knarly session - me and the boys just had a burly session here on Sunday. so many barrels so deeeeep!!!!

By dattolo , 24-02-2004

fass - I surfed at princeton one day and was beat up by a local p-cult member, anthony fassano a.k.a the fass! Watch out for this guy, he'll rip your head off if you drop in on him.

By squanto , 13-02-2004

the cult - inlet cult has seen nothing yet.....spongie and rooster will tear their shit up....look for these guys at their local break....ripping up the northeast swell that pass..

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