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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Poverty beach

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 12-02-2010

- this is a great place when it goes off. unfortunately it is not a very consistent break. which is why it's pretty packed when a swell comes through. and all this localism about guys breaking boards if you aren't a local is just internet tough guy talk. all the localism only exists on the internet. people aren't territorial at any of these places. just respect the places, and the locals when you go to them. seriously when poverty is going off about 3/4ths of the people there i have never seen before. poverty gets real sick when a big swell comes through that there are people riding the ferry from delaware over. it's a great experience to catch poverty on a sick swell.

By Keleko , 28-05-2008

Overrated - Unfortunately this place is like flypaper. The view from the road attracts all the insects in. But the surf is better for photos than ridin'. Buzz buzz!

By Anonymous , 06-02-2008

Dont come here - If you come to Poverty and the waves dont snap your board in half..I WILL!!
If I see you and dont know you..Leave...For real!
Dont risk getting your face punched in.

By Anonymous , 16-06-2007

poverty (dirty Beach) Cape May,nj - Dirty beach, parking made more difficult. Parking meters greedy rip off. 25 cents for 15 min. Beach tags another rip off especially for people with young children etc.
Cape May should take some lessons from the Florida beaches.

By Anonymous , 18-05-2007

- ive seen dudes straight get knocked out on the beach, so to say that if you cant find it ask a local is pretty laughable.

By Anonymous , 17-10-2006

- Actually yeah Poverty cannot hold a swell for more than a day or two at the max. 13 foot to that is stretching it a bit but I've seen it at 8 foot one day then 2 the flat the next.

As for locals, if you're one of them, you know it. A lot of surfers come to Cape May solely when it is good compared to anywhere up north and somehow think that makes them a local. If you're really a local you can look in the lineup and recognize all the people that ride the spot good, bad, and ugly; not just the ones who come down the 4-5 days a year it is really pumping.

By Anonymous , 12-10-2006

- the caption in one of the photos is "blank... reaching for the stars...he got 7 stitches surfing here the day before in 13 foot, hes backout again already" let me ask the question what kind of a break, brekas 13ft one day and is 1foot maybe...2 foot on the sneakers, the next.
im guessing this place cant hold a sweel at all.
am i right?

By i <3 thick barrels , 30-09-2006

yoo - yo! i like poverty. esp during a storm when other spots are blown up and choppy, you can go to poverty and find a good size ridable wave (usually). It gets dangerously big sometimes, but most of the people there know what theyre doing (b/c it only gets dangerously big in the winter and us "locals" are experienced). And after that storm you leave to go to OC,or N. wilwood, or AC.....but if its too crowded at those places you can always hit up pov b/c there will be waves therE

PS POV was sick the whole last week of august and esp the sunday after hurricane ernesto

By floridomination , 02-09-2006

- poverty is for joysy joy boys who touch each other to keep warm after a surf. Florida is way better.

By mike , 22-06-2006

you guys... - guys are internet tough guys...i bet your cyber muscles are huge...i wouldnt want to get into an instant messaging fight with you. How much do you lift? 56k? its one ocean assholes...

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