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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Monmouth beach

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 09-09-2008

its not that great - i live about a block away from this spot and it is one of the worst spots ive evr been 2, i cant say that it doesnt have its days but i generally try 2 not go 2 that spot and just take a walk down 2 pav ave

By Anonymous , 27-06-2008

- Very inconsistent. Much better and more consistent surf a few miles south in south long branch or deal. Some of the locals rip, and will claim the place on good days. When it's not all time, you'll get some waves, but when it is, the locals have it wired and totally rule the place. They're generally mellow dudes, but don't paddle out thinking you can sit on the peak. They'll put you in your place without hesitation.

By MBSponging , 19-02-2008

Aggressive my butt - I have had the privelge to ride the pipe for almost 6 years now and the bodyboarders are localized but most of them are little high school kids like yourself. Its not that scary if you 25 and bigger than all of them. Also there are different sections at that spot so you have some waves to choose from

By Lucas H. , 31-10-2007

This place is VERY localised - The locals (bodyboarders), are very aggresive and will do almost anything to make you have a bad experience. Try it if you want, but thats the way it is. There are plenty of peaks in Long Branch or Deal anyways.

By jordan , 26-05-2007

- go to little monmouth beach club and go to the back parking lot by the sea wall..get up it and walk to your right untill you see the pipe...

By Anonymous , 08-12-2006

Little monmouth - Little monmouth is real quick and hollow when its big and offshore. better to hit it during incomming tides when its big because it closes out in 2ft of water when its low. Better for sponging than surfing

By steven gurfbord , 05-09-2006

i like to surfboard - surfboarding is delightfully fun. however it is not very good to surfboard at this particular beach.

By anonymous , 11-05-2006

where to access these breaks? - does anyone have any landmarks? streets to park near to catch any of the breaks in Monmouth beach?

By anonymous , 19-01-2006

many options - monmouth beach is so perfect because of the different spots. if u go during or near low tide, it will be breakin offshore. u can hit up MB, or a couple of other spots at little monmouth, depending on the day

overall, good spot with chill guys, including some pros

By anonymous , 13-10-2005

Mb Whaaat - mb is the one of the sickest surf spots around. it breakss on the beach occasionally but when u get good swell it goes off. locals only

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