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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Margate pier

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By g-town , 21-02-2008

yea yea - i grew up at the peir its a place to hang out more than surf yea here and there waves but more so a place to chill the peir days were great long gone but good when they were

By Anonymous , 05-06-2007

Wrong - Dude Margate is awsome. I dont know what you guys are talking about it maybe small but the waves are powerful and you can surf the waves almost everysingle day. The winter is also really good the waves just get better

By Anonymous , 27-03-2007

avalon summers<33 - dude maragte sucks avalon has the nicest sandbars sometimes u can stand and ur head stays above the water..... anyway avalon has the nicest beaches for skimming because of their coarse sand and the lifeguards dont even care if you skim on a beach that is not patroled.... i hate it when i get splinters on the maragte pier when i dont have my addidas sandels and tevas

By Anonymous , 25-03-2007

locals - ahah is this guy below me serious...the margate peir does suck pretty much alot and id rather go in AC to surf states or north carolina ave. but some pretty good ass surfers have come outta margate (frank walsh, ian block, zack humpfreys) and they went out most of the time even when it was bad..

By Anonymous , 23-10-2006

locals? haha - local jews. not exactly point break enforcers. the only reason someone would surf here is if they couldnt drive to the real local spots or if they suck and are still trying to get their skills up. just a bunch of rich brats.

By Mike Rosen , 01-02-2006

PIER - This was my first time ever seeing this site. I grew up surfing in Margate. Margate Pier was a fun break to ride. It was rumored that I was the cause of the of burning the pier down Haha, hah! I remember surfing with the Randazzos, Wisers, Balinsons, Matt Klein and more. I liked States Ave in AC and going to LBI better then the PIER. Dont think the pier could hold 12 foot nor did it break 150 days. People still exaggerating about the PIER. some things never change..

By old school , 18-07-2005

- i remember back in like 92' when i used to live in margate that hurricane bob gave us some pretty good swells at the margate pier. and i think i remember a guy getting barreled. but besides maybe a few other times back in the early 90's, i don't remember it being very good. in fact, i would say it only broke when you have a good ground swell. you're better off going to the ventnor pier or uptown.

By E , 01-08-2004

hollow? - its seems like whoever wrote the info on these waves say almost all of them get hollow and powerful. ive been suring jersey all my life and ive yet to see hollow, powerful waves on a normal day. Ive been up here during two hurricanes and it was barreling but there were also 50 mph winds and insane rip tides. ive surfed margate pier once or twice but maybe im goin at the wrong time. cant see those waves getting too hollow or powerful at that. word to philly.

By anonymous , 12-07-2004

margate - yeah i go to margate peir all the time but the only reason anyone goes ther is if they cant get a ride ne where else i dont think anyone would ever claim it

By Anvil Head , 23-11-2003

That's right - I rule this spot!!

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