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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Manasquan inlet

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Milo , 13-11-2006

Respect Manasquan - I live next to Trenton (1 hr+) from the inlet and i try to surf every new spot i hear about. I go out every chance i get and sometimes even end up driving home due to small waves. However, nj does get excellent surf and it makes no sense to say a place doesn't ever get waves. Anyway, Manasquan is a place that has never disappointed me if it is surfable at all. It's a great spot for beginners (PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE WAY OF EXPERIENCED PEOPLE) since you can always paddle out easy next to the jetty and the waves break smaller paddling distance north of the crowd. like everyone here mentioned, this spot gets incredibly crowded, especially during the summer, and longboarders tend to hog the bigger sets, not to mention the lack of decent parking and $7 for a badge. All in all, i still try to find new places to surf but this has been my favorite.

By Anonymous , 18-09-2006

Too many longboarders - All the older local longboaders at squan sit deeper and take every set wave. When this place is on it gets good with long nice rights but if you shortboard you will be praying that one set wave goes unridden by the ten longboarders just to battle it out with another ten shortboarders who happen to be some of the better surfers in New Jersey.

By MaineSurfer , 27-07-2006

Hey Eggars - I detect you have a thing going with S Babe so why don't you trade email addresses and carry on the conversing without interfering with the surfing thread?

Anyway, I lived and surfed the Manasquan Inlet in 1966 and 1967. Went to Manasquan High for 2 years then moved to Hawaii when my dad was transferred there from Ft. Monmouth. Me and some buddies started the Inlet Surf Team and competed in various contests up and down the coast.

I visit relatives still living in NJ every year and make it a point to keep surfing the inlet. I don't always time it right but last year I hit some real fun 2 to 3 foot surf with light offshores. This year it was 6 inches to a foot and a high tide shorebreak right on the sand.

My experience is that the surf at Manasquan is better than most other spots in the state when a swell is running. The jetty and associated sandbar definitely works with a good size swell. I love the place and I've surfed most every break in Jersey over the last 40 years.

We usually stay in Hammonton at the Ramada Inn there because it's so centralized between where we end up visiting either in NJ or PA. My 14 year old daughter and I even caught Kelly Clarkson 9 days ago in Camden and had a blast!!!

Hey, what's the shortest way to get to Manasquan from Hammonton? Love those Peach Shakes at Stewarts and Mango Water Ice from Rita's.

By tommy t , 17-07-2006

you can surf all day! - you can surf all day, the area closest to the jetty is flagged off ONLY FOR SURFERS untill 5 when the lifeguards leave.

By anonymous , 18-05-2006

longboard wave - Inlet is the closest thing you will get to a point break in nj.
that makes it a great longboard wave.
looooooooong slopy peelers.on small days.
on BIG days it is an easy wave compaired to the beach break death barrels in the rest of the sate.

By Eggars , 22-03-2006

- Oh S. Babe I meant to ask what exactly does, "I might be alienated forever from this site", mean? Do you annoy Webmater, and he's banned you(I thought that would only happen to Mr. Young and myself) or are you going to New Guinea(sic?) or somewhere thirld world? Or is your spaceship coming to get you(just kidding)? PS I hate the summer I wish it was fall/winter again. I love my five mill.

By David Eggars , 22-03-2006

How do you people do it. - Sorry to keep bothering everybody butI wanted to ask y'all a question. What do you straight(I don't mean hetero or homo) people do? What do you do for kicks, adventure, excitement. I'm not the type of person who can go to work, drive my SUV home, eat and sit around watching really bad television, then go to bed. And repeat the next day and the next and the next..... Humdrum living bores the shit out of me. How do you people do it. If you're gonna sit around the house, you might as well have some sort of buzz going, right?This is like the first real day that I haven't been on some type of opiate or been withdrawling from said substance in a year and a half. And I'm already losing my mind. Shit, you'd think I'd be happy that I feel good today, considering the past week sucked real bad. I went to Jersey last Thursday while withdrawling from Suboxone(see below) and got drunk. Then come Friday morning, I felt soo bad. I went and got a bag of dope-problem solved. Then that night, it being St. Patty's day and all, I drank again. Saturday comes, and I'm just in absolute agony. Dragged myself out of the house and headed towards "downtown" Hammonton to look for the dope man again. Took me two hours to find him(he threw his cell phone at somebody the other day). So I "got straight" again. Since I was already in the process of getting off the pills that kept me away from dope for the past two months, doing those two bags really screwed me up. I paid the price Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Oh well, back to "normal" again. I sort of hope.

By DAvid Eggars , 22-03-2006

Part One - Hey y'all. Since I care, so much, about the Jersey community, even you bastards on the northern side of Jersey's Mason-Dixon line(as they say in da streets South Jersey/Philly represent, you North Jersey bitches, not you S.Babe)I'm gonna give y'all(I picked-up that word living in the Outer Banks) a bit o' community service thingy. I'm currently landlocked in the metropolitian D.C. area. For those geographically challenged, The District of Columbia(Washington D.C.) is Medium-large city bordered by the states Virginia and Maryland. It's about four and half hours south from the inlet. You know, where Bush ruins the world and home to legendary EX-DC Mayor Marion "BITCH SET ME UP" Barry(for those younger types - Barry was caught smoking crack with some ho, on tape, while he was serving as mayor) My type of mayor. He actually is still serving as a city councilman (SE - Ward 8 or 9) and was just convicted of tax evasion. Oh yeah, some of "his people" robbed him a few months ago, which baffled and depressed this fine gentleman. ANyway I'm getting off the Suboxone which is a slow releasing opiate used to stabilize idiots like me who get their ass handed to them by the dope.Montega, Tambien, how many? Go around the block. Sorry, I keep hearing the voices of Puerto Rican dope dealers from North Camden ringing in my head. Oh I'll be back I got to take care of my Aunt's dog he's a Golden Retreiver. I tried to train him to detect the odors of drugs. That way he could lead me to everyone's stash and I'd take it. But it wasn't very successful.

By DAVID EGGARS , 22-03-2006

Hey webmater plese put this on so Squan Babe can get off the pipe - The longer you kill any emotional problems, pain or what-have-you, with substances the longer it gets bottled-up. Then after how many years of supressing your problems, anxieties, etc. with the pipe or the montega(spanish for herion) when(if) you wisen - up and quit all that shit that you supressed comes back AT ONCE. Think about it. In my case, I've been doing this shit and steadily withdrawling from normal society for almost twelve years(since I was 18). Then when the dope finally kicked my ass this past year, and I decided to quit everything(well, except the weed) every bad thing that happened to me in those last 12 years hit me at once. That's quite an emotional load to bear all at once not to mention the GOD AWFUL FEELING OF WITHDRAWLING FROM OPIATES. IT"S ABSOLUTE HELL ON EARTH. Surf, smoke some weed, get drunk here and there, find that special someone, don't let drugs control your lives. Take it from me OR LEARN THE HARD WAY. NOBODY I GREW UP WITH MADE IT. NO ONE. YEAH NOT EVEN YOU. And the tuff guys can make fun of me or whatever, but let me tell you this, I ain't afraid of any white surfer boy, not considering the characters and places I've been. Live and let live and find your own peak. SPREAD OUT. HI, Squan Babe wow a sexy Barry White song came on the radio at the same time I was writing that. WOW. Later JERSEY PEEPS I LOVE Y"ALL REMEMBER AND APPRECIATE YOUR OWN KIND.

By anonymous , 11-12-2005

Image 8 - "Don't expect little or no rides on a solid day. Locals own it." Is that what they call local knowledge?

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