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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Locharbor deal

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 23-04-2009

Loch Arbor is good Darlington is shit - Growing up in the area surfing/bodboarding, I always went to lach arbor and aleenhurst (surfers beach.

surfing wise loch arbor is great it can produce some nice breaks.

body boarding i considered loch arbor more of a bodyboarding area then allenhurst.

when the storms role in and the life guards put up the red flag (and when they arent there) surfers, body boarders, and sometimes insane boyd surfers all coe-exist in the same area and just have one hell of a time.

when i still went to allenhurst beach, and ocean township highschool, i use to love getting out of class in early september and hitting loch arbor up for some good waves, it got a bit crowded on the weekends even in early september but that was because of the wive quality.

when hurricane season is in effect and the beach picks up the swells they can produce some waves that are 15 feet on the face and produce some nice tubes and some powerfull force.

on a mild day its for every skill level, on a big day its only for the people who are ballsy and good.

its deffinetly a good time for surfing and bodyboarding. just watch out for the local long boarding assholes and youll be fine.

By jay , 08-09-2006

horrible - i can't believe people actually surf there it sux so bad.

By jeff , 06-09-2006

overated - darlington is overated and bad. its always too crowded there so i wouldnt go there. go to philips avenue if you want to go to a good spot i bike there from colts neck just about everyday.

By anonymous , 05-09-2006

it sux - darlington is the worst spot in jersey. it shorebreaks all the time and is way too crowded. don't go there.

By anonymous , 24-11-2004

WTF?? - Loch Arbor and Darlington are completely different waves, in different towns. Deal has alot of other breaks too, named and unnamed, accessible and not. Some of the only black sand beaches in NJ too...pretty cool

By lifelonglocal , 15-09-2004

Retarted - This is retarted... Darlington and Loch Arbour should not be considered the same break. They are about a mile away from eachother, and completely different! Secondly, you will NEVER get a 1 minute ride here or anywhere near here. Darlington's maximum ride is like 20 sec, and Loch Arbor is like 30 sec. In the summer, it's mostly small longboard waves, but usually quite crowded. Usually you find some rich-ass kooks who don't know any better with their expensive boards, gearing up with full suits and hoods when the water is 70F dropping in on you like it's their job. Ironically, the surf gets better when the flock migrates back up North... I think that's mother nature telling them to stay the f out of Jersey. I hear the surf is better in Brooklyn anyway. Hah!

By Stocktrader , 14-09-2004

Darlington .............. - It is a magnet for bungholios, I would love to tell you where you can catch better waves not too far away without the crowds but I'd have to tear out your vocal cords and cut your hands off so you couldn't post the spots here :) Jersey gets very good from August to November then it get too cold! Thats when I go to Wilderness!

By Please look both ways before you drop in or cross the street , 10-09-2004

Longarbourd - If you haven't surfed here on a great day, be warned. Many surfers here flat out overgun or ride oversized boards, more longer than they actually need, during a 6-8ft day for example. I surf here frequently for the past 20+ years. Many of the locals, mostly longboarders, don't look, but rather just go. Frances was just another example of this. As a local, this spot gets real good, but your better off finding a jetty further north into Deal, or south into Asbury, OG, BB, due to the incompetent and often ignorant crowds. Wetsuit technology has not helped the situation either in Winter. Oh well, glad I had the sessions I've had there while I was young and when it was relatively uncrowded before the Blue Crush Boom. Just look before you go and all will be well.

By anonymous , 09-09-2004

darlington is to packed - darlington is way to jammed its great but paked its like 10 people droping in on each other and if your on the wave someone will dop in on your ass and start screaming at you (no etiquete man read the sign before u walk down)

By Vanishing Point , 13-04-2004

LOCALISM AT DARLINGTON! - So a few weeks ago these cool young kids who surf darlington year round told me they got their tires slashed and "Kook" written on their windows. This shit will not be tolerated! Darlington is no secret, any local wannabe fruits caught doing this shit will get rolled on. Grow up and chill out! If you wanna beat someone up, wait till summer when the syrian jews come leave their trash all over the beach!

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