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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Lbi - hudson ave

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 22-04-2007

cheya - nice local spot but it gets crowded

By David Eggars , 02-03-2006

- I want to commend the obviously somewhat intelligent person who submitted this spot. Panzones Pizza is the best. The only concern is that after munching away this past summer, I had to temporarily move to the Washington D.C. area this past fall. On one of my trips back to Jersey, about a month ago, I was stoked to see that the Panzones in Surf City was open on the weekends. Usually and unfortunately, they close in October and you have to head down to the location in Beach Haven which stayed open until Thanksgiving. Anyways, I surf Cedars then head to Panzones. Problem was, they were the worst slices I've ever gotten there. Please, Please tell me it was just a bad time in winter(which their usually not open) and that their pies have not changed. If their pizza isn't the exceptional mix of dough, cheese, and sauce, like it has for years, I'm going to go fucking ballistic. God damn you move away from Jersey for a few years(NC) then had to leave again(DC) and everything changes. All my old freinds(inland) are in jail or dead, and all my coastal pals are MIA. Well actually my coast pals are my fault because I was a recluse addict who became a lone wolf except for dealing with my inland people(Marlton, Philly, Pennsauken,Hammonton and Camden). I love Jersey so you better stop changing. And if Panzones has changed there's gonna be problems. Yeah, I don't have much of a life so pizza's pretty damn important.Yo, is Steve Principato still around. Sorry if I annoyed you in the past, but I was a damn drunken, rock smoking, pill popping, THC inhaling moron. Yeah, I used to come over when I was out of trees and that's not right.Sorry. Sorry to all the people I fought with on the road. Even though I never really had any of these problems on the island(lucky for youse-really) I'm sorry to any person I chased, threatened, came at with a bat or gun. SOrry to anybody I followed home after another road rage incident and threatened their whole household. I'm done with all that shit, and I was lucky to know some South Philly types who could make my legal problems disappear. I turn the other cheek now. Though if someone really pisses me off I still know some crazies who will do anything for a buck.Wow I really became an angry little bitch for awhile, 1996-2001. THat's not me at all. Groms stay away from the smack and the crack, and never get violent. Man, if I didn't have people who could convince(I do Mean CONVINCE NOT KILL) those I threatened, not to testify, I would have been Fucked. Unless you're a really big, crazy white guy, you're not going to do so well in one of Jersey's state hotels. Yeah, not even you. The locals there don't even respect made guys there anymore. They don't care who you are- they're gonna mess with you. well whatever you people have a nice day

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