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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Notwastingtimein NJ , 23-07-2007

Its New Jersey - Calm down its New Jersey! It's just like everything else on the East Coast. Mostly tiny, rarely good, great place to travel from.

By anonymous , 04-11-2005

someone sour - LBI rules beach haven is the craziest place on earth and all the beach haven boyz are narlier than any of those geeks from manasquan or jenks.. so sam hammer keep you and your little click outta our home.. also if you wanna come to beach haven don't bring anyone with you cause you'll here it!!!!!! also if any outsiders try to surf some of the more underground spots near holyoke.. well you might as well look elsewhere. we've spent our lives surfing there so just like anywhere.. BEAT IT
Beach Haven is Heaven on earth, but you won't know

By David Eggars , 14-09-2005

- LBI Locals by anonomous: you state that you live in LBI and that the south end is best in summer and the north better in the winter???? The south end lights up on off-season North and Ne swells and the north end (cedars) picks up the most swell so it's definately your best bet during the summer time doldruums. So you're a little mixed up. Not trying to be a wise ass but.....

By andrew , 22-08-2005

LBI RULES - i live in Holgate and i go up every day at 5 when the lifeguards leave and it is always fun, but nothing beats when the hurricanes come and it gets big.

By anonymous , 17-05-2005

LBI LOCALS - I live on LBI in beach haven. The north end of the island and the south end of the island are the best breaks. Not gonna say anymore cause we dont want any of you NEW YORKERS comin down and ruining our surf. Come to a break and let the slightest thing say not local. leave fast. LOCAL VIBE IS HEAVY! i warned you. south end south ushually best in summer. north for winter. peacw

By Blondie , 15-02-2005

Want to learn... - Want to learn to surf this year... where and when do you think I should start? Being that I am a cute blonde chick... do you think if I just show up somewhere, someone would be nice enough to help me out???

By Mr Zogs , 11-02-2005

yeah man - lbi rules, the waves are decent and always fun, at high tide when the surf is flat, just take out the skimboard and go rippin' on some wicked shorebreak until the waves pick up again, overall, this place rules, if in need of any surf stuff, go to brighton beach surf shop, in like, brant beach, the place rules and has the best prices, and best of all, its a little family run shop with tons of surfin experience, so yeah, go surf it

By anonymous , 27-08-2004

- Ah I think you sound like a shoobie. Hurricane swells usually consist of block long close-outs. Deep winter swells are where it's at.

By no shoobies please! , 14-04-2004

hurricane fabian - the best time to surf lbi is in a hurricane. The wave reach a good 15 feet barreling of course.

Holyoke avenue has killer surf. Head there.

By anonymous , 27-11-2003

no title - Calm down Milky. LBI is friggin deserted seven months out of the year. I know it was Sept. when you posted, and the horrors of summer were still fresh in the mind. You can surf LBI completely by yourself for most of the year if you want to. You know everybody surfs the same five or six jettys because they are scared to paddle out by themselves.

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