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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, North East, New Jersey

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By anonymous , 24-12-2005

Not so bad... - Honestly, Holyoke is a pretty good spot. And everyone knows about it, so it gets that much more crowded. And you know the rest...if you're not a good surfer, stay away from the top of the jetty, for safety as much as anything else, cause it gets crowded. Some aggro "locals" but give 'em their due, they're surfing there in January when I'm warm in bed...I've gotten some super-long rides there on a rising tide. Low tide, not so good.

By anonymous , 12-12-2005

holyoke sucks - 10 years ago it was way better.. now its sold out, it doesn't even break correctly and if you saw it firing it probably only lasted one day... either way stay at holyoke cause the next jetty down is way better but the boyz will fix ya right up with a good stuffing and ear full of get the fuck out's... they should because if we came to your spot/ you'd be the same way!!!! stay at holyoke or go surf somewhere's else!!!

By anonymous , 05-07-2005

Sick wave - during the spring my friends dad has a house down off liberty and we stayed there for a weekend. so my friends and i surfed holyoke all weekend, all day. This wave is the best left i have ever surfed besides casino pier. On the second day it was really glassy with 4-5 foot waves. Barrels and everything. I live by seaside. And i try to get back to lbi every chance i get.

By anonymous , 14-05-2005

Slamming nights - I was on this beach and was really slamming!!!

By , 06-10-2004

the photo#1 of the oak is of Nelson to shallow next to the jetty - maybe I'm wrong
I guess locals can be wrong

By nysurfer , 11-08-2004

put a helmet on - okey pokey learn how to spell hardcore new jersey has nothing to offer any way even when it gets good new york gets the brunt of it stop ya lip

By stupid fags.. , 12-09-2003

holyoke is the best - best wave in the world!!!!! just like G-land... long left only sand and just soo good!!!! NOT!!! Assholes kookks wanna bees, fags, sponsored no body's, sam Zuegner (Scrappy)
well to all that is say fuck you suck dick and kiss my big white ass. now i will always go to Indo rather than back home to the most overrated NJ Mush burger.. all you fuckers could never keep up with me so fuck you all and some day i will make sure that when i do come home again i will burn every last one of you then you will remmeber who i am cause i am a asshole and proud to be as long as all you kooks keep proping up MUSHYOKE!!!

By ant mendes aka jersey juice , 10-09-2003

real nj local is matt trouts - ya matts a normandy beach fag that i met at the body language contest in1983 he is a goofy footed pussy that is trying to fuck with the juice..he still is my best bro tho...dont worry i still will burn that noth jersey shubees ass deep in the pit at strand this winter.....any n.j. travlers comig thru la check out my pizza parlore in agoura hill ....dont eat pizza any were else it making a grip out here flipping pizza l.b.i.will always rule stillgo my house on 9th st. beach haven be back next week or so for hurricane swell and the east coast volcom contest ........out late jersey juice
deep and late......say hi to jim kuhl at east coast flag in toms river another nj shredder and best bro........congrateson the new baby......

By Mr. Earle , 13-08-2003

no title - That picture's not even Holyoke. Why did Tony T aka Anthony Mendes message piss off real nj local so much for? Do you guys know each other. Tony T name- dropped all the cool LBI guys didn't he. If real nj local is so pissed and thinks he's a bad ass why didn't he sign his name. OH I forgot all the bad asses are to scared to sign their names.

By real nj local...... , 04-08-2003

Jersey Juice? What an a hole! - Stay in cali you homo! We all know what(who) you really smoked in PR..... If i remember, weren't you a fucken sponge? Holyoke is a joke and so are you! UP YOURS FAGGOT!

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