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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, North East, New Jersey

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By MBSponging , 19-02-2008

Suck it - Yo west coast, we get a west offshore wind today man. Sick overhead, hollow, fast powerful. The waves on the east coast in the winter are just as good as California when there going off. We just arent as lucky because the waves are inconsistent. We ride in 40 degree air temps and 30 degree water. SUCK IT

By sponger 4 life , 25-12-2006

attention surfers - attention surfers:

please stay out of dinks. bodyboarders run the break. respect them. give them their waves or bad things go down. saw a surfer get punched in the face. good stuff




deal long branch asbury belmma r the squan mon beach its all good bitch - i mainly surf al round des areas bitch it goes off niga bright befoe isabel deal was seein some head plus bareells i was out gettin tubed mo fucka bewet season is winter fall late summer springs aight summer suck s uinless swell nj kicks ass ps only surf florida after or before hurricane and i n winter summer sucks with out swell bitch niogaaaaa

By west coast , 07-03-2003

Hey shithead who wrote this - How in the fuck do you get a west swell on the east coast?????? You pricks are so wave starved you don't know where you are anymore. Your in fucking shitty NJ, have fun....

By Jack S. , 27-02-2003

Locals there suck! - Tried surfing the place on an average day, what a mistake! Locals wouldn't let me catch a wave, got run over, then rocks thrown at me (breaks up against a seawall). Came out of the water and found my car had been towed away by the cops. Fucking place sucks! I'm transfering out of Monmouth college next semester and going back to Long Island.

By anonymous , 02-01-2003

Stay Away - One of the last Semi hidde spots in Long Branch West end NJ AREA Stay away Noth Jersey Cooks

By smith and wesson , 10-09-2002

9mm regulator - shoot at them from the beach it helped me

By anonymous , 15-06-2002

haha - dont surf there if you dont know someone i got my ass handed to me the other day!!

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