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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 05-06-2009

- I've seen blue boy here i think and he was getting barreled during TS Hanah. He walked of the beach and lit a cigarette and was removing tape from his ribs. It's a Heritage Surf and Sport shortboard.

By Rahwayer , 15-01-2009

Hey blue heritage shorty fisher; got crystal? - Oh can I have YOUR autograph puleez?! C'mon blueboy, clue us all in on the real secret about YOUR crystal spot, it'll be fun!! You are 1 cool blueballer fishboy!!!

By Blue Heritage Shorty Fish , 20-11-2007

- I've lived and surfed here for years. Vermont Ave, Metro's, New Jersey, States, South Carolina. Iv'e heard Crystals, Gas Chambers, Mini Pipe, and have even seen Steel Pier posed as "Casino Pier located in Atlantic City" in Surfer Magazine. People over do it with the inaccurate names and descriptions of this place. The crime is there, the crack heads are there, the trash, the gangs, the crazy asians, the weirdo's, the needles, all of it. It's not like a gang of hoods is going to want to fight your white ass with our tight suits on. They just usually want to know how cold the water is then just laugh and say, " Damn N**** you crazy man, you crazy." This place is full of diversity from white, black, asian, and mexican surfers, of all different ages. Everyone that surfs this place year around know one anothers boards and faces. If someone asked any of us how crystals (Absolutely NO Capitalization) was, we would either laugh or smile and simply keep walking.

By Anonymous , 03-05-2007

- this site says this wave is a right and the two pictures are of lefts ???

By Anonymous , 22-03-2007

- this spots fun even if theres no waves...last time i was there a guy dove in butt naked and your practically surfin in front of the taj mahal. the poes try to catch you while your changing in the parking lot and the hoods try and steal your stuff. dont forget to take the ez pass out of your car after drivin down the parkway- it will be gone by the time you go back to your car if you forget. but regardless AC is super fun.

By Anonymous , 26-01-2007

- good spot best on nor'easter. needs sweel and water to work. watch the bums under the board walk

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