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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 New Jersey

USA, North East

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By anonymous , 14-04-2003

lessons - I'm in from California. Does anyone know if I could get lessons? I'm closest to the Sandy Hook to Asbury Park area, but I could travel further south if necessary.

By Stay home shoobies , 13-04-2003

PA blows - PA sucks, your all a bunch of meatheads. I just got head high barrels in South Jersey, not to mention that 1 month, I'll be fucking your girlfriend or sister. All you'll ever be are posers trying to be like us, but unless you've surfed in 34 degree water and 17 degree air shut the fuck-up and stay in shitty Phillie.

By JWB , 07-04-2003

Pigdog blows goats - Learn how to spell you fuckin' pigdog TOOL!!!!!!!!!!

By William "pigdog" Penn , 04-04-2003

Oh you silly shoobies... - I think you all lick balls. I could give a fuck wether you like it or not. Keep your silly ass home! It's true Jersey basically does suck, mostly because it's super unpredictable, not because it doesn't get waves. But that's more than I even need to tell you about. If your from Pennsylvania however you can shut the fuck up cause you got nuttin. You kooks are lucky to even have a coastline in your general proximity. I have no simpathy for the butt raping we give shoobies for summer rentals. You think they would smarten up! I'm sick of your traffic, your numbnuts philly attitudes, and most definitly your crummy surfers clogging up an already starving line up. But please continue to send us your dumb little tight ass girls we can't get enough! Trust me Summer without all the silliness would be heaven on earth.

By anonymous , 28-01-2003

Well you won't need a surfboard - If your going in the summer. Your only chance for waves in summer time is if there's a hurricane or some crappy windswell. So if you get lucky with some waves just rent a board. Summer house prices are RIDICULOUS for one week rentals so look on the internet and try to reserve it early.
At least you'll get to sweat like a pig while you stare at the flatness

By Eileen , 22-01-2003

No surf stoke here! - Man you guys are harsh. Aren't any of you just happy to be surfing? Anyway I'll be in from SoCal this summer and I'm looking for a nice advanced beginner spot w some 3-4 footers. And a nice beach house for a week. Not sure if I'm gonna bring my board or rent one there, so a good surf shop would rock too. Where's the best spot?

By Surfer K , 21-01-2003

The Right Coast - Everybody listen up! NJ does get flat, but that makes us appreciate good swells more. And as for it being cold in the winter, buy a nice 5/4/3 or 6/4 like I did. If that doesn't keep you toasty, I could knit you a skirt and pick you up some tampons on my way home from work. As for Cali. I hope you enjoy the good waves, that's if the earthquakes, landslides, wildfires, or drought doesn't get you first.

By anonymous , 21-01-2003

I lived there - And it does suck, you have to love NJ to stay there. Let's not get dillusional though. I guess you guys haven't sat through 2 month flat spells(and I mean FLAT) in the summer. While it does get epic there, those swells last maybe a day or two and you know thats true. It's fucking freezing in the winter too. That being said, I'm proud to be from NJ, and there are people who rip there. I live in cali now and there is no comparison. There have been waves everyday for like almost 2 months now and all u need is a 3 mil

By anonymous , 08-01-2003

surfing isn't all skill f()ucker - to all the kooks putting down Jersey have you ever been here, no so shut the f()ck up and if you did
during a good swell you'd shut your mouth.

By anonymous , 06-01-2003

Jersey has good surfers - Even Bruce Brown said he was suprised that Kelly Slater, coming out of west Florida got as good as he is and how fast he got comfortable riding big waves. Anybody knows that good surfers can spring up anywhere if they love it enough. Anyone who singles out an entire state must not be able to even paddle. Kook.

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