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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 New Jersey

USA, North East

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By anonymous , 19-05-2003

reply to nj will kick ur ass - yo listen up everyone who goes on this sight this guy right here is right.. i know him and at least 2 of the ppl he is talking about. these kids are like 12 years old and they rip a lot better than most of the west coast surfers.. if u ask me i feel sorry for the west coast ppl.

By NJ will kick your ass , 19-05-2003

reply to "you will never get good in jersey" - Yo buddy.
you need to catch up on your surfing news for Jersey. Lots of groms are on the rise from Jersey. Chris Eaves is 12 years old and he rips! Right now he is in 1st place for Boys in the ESA and just got 3rd in the Boys at Regionals. Look at Humphreys, Graeff, Mansor, Oliver, and there are so many more. I am on the rise myself. So before you talk shit, better be able to back it up. Lots of kids RIP out of New Jersey.

By anonymous , 19-05-2003

cocky west coast cunts - all of u fucking west coast people always like to give the east coast surfers shit about there surf and how u are all better.. jesus get a grip. the only reason u dont let it go is bc u know that east coast surfers could rip u up anyday. give us some nice head high surf and we would kill u guys any time.. u west coast surfers always have nice surf so when we get it we surf harderbc its not to often that we get nice waves.. u could miss a over head day and not even give a shit about it.. but as for us we are always pumped..if u have a problem with the east coast then dont bother coming ova here it just makes our surf sessions that much better without all of u faggets messing them up and then going home and giveing us shit about ur bad expereance's...if u are going to complane everytime u guys surf here then dont bother showing up ...i think that settles it

By Ho-hum... Reality can be hard to bear... , 16-05-2003

Settles It? What? - Kelly Slater is an amazing surfer, but that does not mean the East Coast has amazing waves. Compared to West Coast surf,the East Coast is laughable. So no, it's not 'settled'. The East Coast generally sucks for surf, and what you folks call 'big' back East would be an average, small day in Northern California. I have lived on the East Coast for a year, so I should know. If you don't believe me, don't get mad, but take a little trip out here instead. Go to Humboldt County or SF anytime of the year, and you will find even the 'flat' days bigger than your 'big' days back East.

By Shawny T , 16-05-2003

Kelly Slater is from the East Coast. - Kelly Slater. East Coast. Best surfer ever to ride.

I think that settles the whole east coast/west coast thing.

Can't we all just get along?

By anonymous , 16-05-2003

come on - dudes..come on surfin's a source....have fun and enjoy the it up with your buddies and get some thrills matter where you go your gonna get assholes but just rip it up and have fun.......

By anonymous , 15-05-2003

FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS! - Yes, jersey can be bad. But the fuck who said that all of the locals suck at surfing,etc. should fucking look around. There are a lot of good surfers coming from New Jersey, maybe you just couldnt open your eyes to see it or you are just embarrassed that little groms are ripping your ass up. fuck all of u little faggets that grew up in cali and all of thoes other places where there is always surf. so what we dont always have surf like u fucking ass holes but around here we have to learn how to surf it when it is bad and when it is going off. so that makes us that much better than all of you faggots. come to ava during the summer and check out all of the locals that are ripping.. there are fucking 10 yearolds that can rip better then most of u fucking dick suckers. My little friend is 12 years old and has sponsors out the ass....he could def. rip most of you up. So just shut the fuck up. All of you wonder why jersey locals are assholes? because u fucks come over from all around the fucking united states where the waves are pretty good and then give us shit and trash our beaches and diss everything about the place... so you all deserve it. u have to earn your right to surf with us...otherwise you can just eat shit and die! if u dont like Jersey.....stay home u fuckers.

By anonymous , 07-05-2003

sad - This the saddest site ive ever visited.I appologize to any one with any type of brain who is reading this.No;jersey isnt a surfers paridise by far actually jersey isnt any type of pardise.It does get a decent wave every now and then and i will take advantage of it.i do have to admiit jersey is full of as holes who think they know it all, or think they are the best.Def a shitty vibe in this state well there are some normal people who surf here who dont stop just well cause of obvious reasons i just like every one to know its amazin what u will tolerate for some waves


New Jersey - New Jersey is the noobest place ive ever been NJ if its lucky will get some head high surf 5 days a year. New Jersey is never good conditions it is just shore-break closeouts. I had to move to socal beacause the fucking blows so much. there is all these local want to bees who are horrable at surfing and wont last a second on a local beach in socal. they would get fucked up. both in and out of the water. all im saying is dont go to jersey exept if you can tell the future and catch the one 7 foot swell a year or the five or ten head high days with these people thinking a close out is a barrel the can maybe stick a arm or a hand in and say "o man I was ripping into a sick barrel man im stoked." this shows how pathetic NJ is everywere in NJ I was at A lot of places such at States Ave. in Atlantic City with everyone thinks is amazing but it is horrable and maybe a 1/2 a foot to a foot bigger than the other places but only gets to be like over head a few days in the fall and end of summer. and it is a fucking garbage dump there with all sorts of shit in the water and is 95 precent of the time a close out or a littel barrel. it only really barrels like 2 or 3 times a year beleve me I have lived in AC for 5 years. and Belmar and all those other fucking crowded ass places were you are lucky to find a fucking seat on the beach are just as bad. The houses are almost on top of each other when you wake up you are looking at you nieboors bedroom with some fat ass jacking off. Fuck NJ I lived there for a total of 15 years in a few areas around but i have surfed it all and it all sucks. FUCK NJ NEVER GO THERE.

By anonymous , 14-04-2003


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