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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 New Jersey

USA, North East

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By , 31-07-2003

Aloha - Looking forward to catching some waves around Cape May in August. Just moved back to East Coast after living in Hawaii for last 9 years. Any place cool to hangout near the Coast Guard Base. Looking for camping/surf on weekends.
Any help. Need a place to rent a board.. Left my sticks in Hawaii. Mahalo and Aloha Luke in Atlanta

By Guido Surfer , 27-07-2003

Guido Surf Club - Me and my boys just saw Blue Crush, and now we are trading in our camaros and gold chains for longboards and silver chains. Our muscles are so pumped up that its hard for us to paddle, or even move. So we want to start a guido surf club for other guido surfers like us. Anyone interested?

By surfer , 17-07-2003

NJ shapers - Does anybody know any good shapers in jersey?

By rich , 08-07-2003

west coast east coast - it's like a freakin' gangsta rap war. Look, Cali's got waves - and Hollywood put it on the map with Giggit. But the water's damn cold. But East Coast has got it, too - and the water's warm June thru October - no need for even a shorty. Who's better? Don't care, brah, 'cause if there's surf, I'm in it. And there's surf up and down the east coast.

By anonymous , 07-07-2003

NJ Rep in Cali - The reason there aren't any beach closings in NJ is because there's no water testing! There's no high school blue water task forces out in Jersey, bro. And you don't have to pay to get on the beach. No disrespect to NJ, I mean it was the first surf spot in the Atlantic, but let's be serious. How could any surfer live here unless you travel 10 months a year.

By , 05-07-2003

New Jersey Surf Club - Next Meeting LBI Sunday 07/20/03
8am Taylor Ave,BYOC (bring your own Coffee)
Wet before the crowds

Next meeting, First meeting Ocean City
6.30 pm 58th street pavilion
Bring your board and meet Bill Simon
Question Bill 609 926 4483
Barry 609 280 3686

Surf contest ,bon fire ,music October

Fund raiser swap meet August

By NJ rep on the west coast , 01-07-2003

"Chill out fellas" is not from socal - If you where really from socal you would not be talking about pollution jersey hasnt had a beach closing due to pollution in years, i cant count the number of times a beach in socal have been closed on my hands and toes.
this season

By anonymous , 27-06-2003

NJ SURF - i think a good surfer is one who gets the best out of any spot he's in -
there might be better waves in California, and there surely are! - but you can have fun even in NJ! COME ON!

By anonymous , 21-06-2003

Chill out fellas - Everyone knows that NJ sucks for surf, thats why half of SoCal is NJ transplants. NJ gets no groundswell except for the annual hurricane swell which closes out, the water is polluted from the 1 billion gallons daily from the Hudson River Plume, the prevailing ocean currents keep the water cold 9 months of the year, and on top of all that its crowded and expensive. Plus, judging by the postings on this board, there are alot of illiterate, disrespectful kooks who think good surfing is doing a chop hop on a waist high closeout. Wow! With all Jersey has going for it, I'm surprised half of California hasn't moved here yet! Don't tell anyone!

By Harder Waves = Better Surfers , 18-06-2003

Kookifornia - Lbi has some of the best waves on the east coast, so what if its small a lot of the time, NJ surfer figure out how to work it no matter what. The waves are shorter and steaper an the rip tides are stronger and its cold and dreary alot o the time. So for all you little girls from HI or CA that get surf handed to them,you can eat my ass.If you think NJ surfers blow goats for rice krispies well i have a 8 words for you...Tim Ashton, Randy Townsend, Sam Hammer, Clay Polioni. Support the NJ scene, Kill a kook!

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