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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 New Jersey

USA, North East

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By anonymous , 25-05-2004

Jersey water temps - In August they are usually in the low 70s. I know that because I live here. And around cape may its 70+ even earlier. Its warm for about a month- a month and a half, then it gets cold. Water temps get into the mid 30s in the winter

By lbi local , 08-05-2004

wats up wit the sweel chart - The swell chart says that thesurf gets 5 foot in the summer . Bullshit its like 1 maybe 2 everyday unless with get some kind of pressure system somebody needs to change that cuz i lived lbi all my life and no way the sell is like that in the summer o and the water temp gets into like 68

By NJ local , 23-02-2004

check these NJ sites -

Both give you forcasts, pics, and wave cams. Look @ 12/11/04 on localswell... Insane

By anonymous , 02-01-2004

shut up - nobody cares, just surf... who cares where the surf is better... as long as you're doing what you want and are stoked

By 8'6 G&S girl , 03-12-2003

NJ surf scene rocks - I can say one thing about the east coast, when i walk into the Surf Club and see all the billabong tour guys chillin around the bar with sam hammer wasted in the corner, im glad to call nj my home!! =P These boys know where to come for a good time and some sweet waves... and they're not too hard on the eyes either.

By Ghetto Surfer 13a , 04-11-2003

cold water good time - the water this Halloween wkend was cold as hell being i got bk fr S. carolina's folly beach wich was pritty nice i might add. But waves on Sun and Mon on the incoming tide were sweet. Am till lunchtime surf was best, with some bombs comingin sometimes overhead. The wave frequency was spotty and patients was a must. A good 4-5 min+ between sets. Looks good for this week too. Get up n out there. Travlers bring ya boots n if your not usta cold water gloves. Later

By anonymous , 25-09-2003

east coast - alright let me say somthing here about the east coast west coast thing going on here.. east coast can get good so does socal who gives a shit. if anyone is going to come on here and talk shit then they can suck a dick bc it doesnt matter you are just wasteing ur time..woah everyone watch out big bad socal o man thoes bad asses.. hahahaha come on thats the way u guys sound and its fucking retarted.. get a life and then after that maybe u can learn to surf insted of talking shit on other spots... now that settels everything..

By anonymous , 04-09-2003

East Coast is better - Hahahah, east coast beats west coast in the X-games. Maybe this proves something....??

By Longboard Nukey , 29-08-2003

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA - My IQ is dropping quickly as I read all this. I'm a surfer, who DOES travel a lot because I dont actually live near good surf, rode big and small.... SO WHAT?? Why all the fightin?... and terrible speliing??!! ha ha

By , 18-08-2003

this saturday - WHAT: Surfing Expo - Benefit for Joe D.
Surfing products & memorabilia; Surfboard Corral- place your board up for sale or buy one that day;
Music - Food - Prizes
Sponsored by New Jersey Surf Club & Neighbors in Need, Inc.
WHERE: EOC - Emergency Operations Center, Beach Haven (former Coast Guard Station)
West Avenue & Pelham Avenue -> Go to for directions
WHEN: Saturday, August 23rd 10-2 (Rain or Shine - Indoor accommodations available)
COST: Admission FREE
Vendors - $15 Board Corral - $5 per board

Joe DeGennaro grew up in Surf City and graduated from Southern Regional High School in 1987. He participated in the school's
surf team and finished as high as second place in the East Coast Region in body board competition in the ESA (Eastern Surfing Assc.). When he moved to California he became one of the pioneers in the sport of downhill skateboarding. He was a member of Dregs, an internationally recognized downhill skateboarding team. In 1995 after trial and error in his own kitchen, he introduced TERRA WAX - the first non toxic, biodegradable surfboard wax. Unfortunately, in May of 2002, Joe was involved in a serious
skateboarding accident when he was struck by a car. He is now rehabilitating at a New Jersey facility for injuries including traumatic brain injury. The Surfing Expo will raise funds to assist Joe with medical expenses. call for info 609 280 3686

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