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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Shawn , 06-10-2006

Harvey - Was my favorite place to surf as a grom and teen, before moving out to the Pacific. Hello to the boys of Forked River. Evan, Steve, and their Dad, Pete, Justin, and a list of others. All the best!

Come out to the Pacific and Asia, I could never surf with a suit again, been spoiled for the last 8 years. Is Wave Jammer Surf in Toms River still open?

By anonymous , 07-02-2006


By Lost people , 07-02-2006

What? - I just bought my son a surfboard and heard LBI has nice waves. I went to this site for information, but was reminded of a line form Star Trek,"Beam me up Scotty there's no intelligent life here". Do you guys actually get girls? I strongly doubt it. Maybe I should have bought my son a new bike. I understand Kathy's frustrations.

By anonymous , 13-01-2006

10/15/05 - Just remembering the day of huge long barrels at lbi.

By david Eggars , 03-10-2005

- just wondering, Jared, at whose message(s) you're upset with. Nothing violent or aggro has been posted lately.

By jared tait , 29-09-2005

i dont get why people act so bitter - why are people so bitter on this message board? i mean lbi should stay a good place to vacation so why is everyone here an e-jerk?

it makes me happy that i rarely paddled out at holyjoke. and you know what, all the kooks and idiots that are crowding the surfspots are feeding our economy so i dont know why you guys would be jerks. i dont think ive even heard of most of you.

the fact that you guys have to be internet toughguys on here really just shows that you are weak and those of you that are toughguys in the water dont deserve fully inflated tires when you get out of the water. be frickin nice! its good for the life and health of the island!

By David Eggars , 14-09-2005

- Ohhh Wooow Man I haven't been on this site for a while. I like to thank Tired of California for mentioning me and to also comend him because it was I, who stirred all the controversey(?) on this site. I am Phil, Brian, and everyone's favorite Milton Milan(among a few others). The latter amazes me than none of you people know who Milton Milan is. You should read a newspaper once in a while. I read The PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER and the courier post every day. Anyway our friend Milton was a twenty - bag, coke dealer at 5th & York ST. in North Camden who later became mayor of Camden, despite his drug dealing history.He also was(is) a suspect in a murder that happened years ago. Kathy you sound like a decent person , just a little confused. Maybe we could get together for a surf. I'm actually one of the nicest people in the world - would give my shirt off my back to anyone. However, I've grown tired of people who fuck with others and don't let people be. Then I become a different animal. Live and let live -don't fuck with other people. Shipbottom J you're the man. I like you. I really do. Though, I did go to St. Joe's, you Villanova sissy(all in fun J). I have good news for all the haters out there. I have a semi-serious drug problem. It's 1:17 am Wed. morn and I just succumbed to my addiction after three weeks of sobriety. A few hours ago I went and got a bag of "Sony", which is a brand of dope found at the corner of 6th & Bailey in N. Camden. I can't live without drugs. I want to, but I can't. I'm not a derilect and I have never stolen anything in my life - I just hate being sober. Shit, I can't get any more money until the coming morning and I have only one cigarette left. FUCK. I'll be up all night. I'm high as a kite. KIDS, take it from me. I'm not some phony teacher or anything like that who tries to tell you what drugs are like when they've never used. I've been there, done that. Do not ever start using drugs(weed's not a drug). Especially herion. It makes you feel like God and cures any physical or emotional pain you may have but once you get hooked it's pure hell. The one bag that lasted you two days won't even get you high in a relativley short time. Before I quit(?) three weeks ago I needed to to do FIVE BAGS at once to get high. Five Bags. I was running local dealers to Camden every day to pick up 5 bundles(11 bags per) to support my habit. If I would have been caught by the PO-LICE I would have been locked up for years. 55 bags of dope isn't child's play. Ohh I snort I don't shoot - I'm not that big of a scum bag. My life's over kids. I'll never be the same again. It kills your soul. Please don't start. Well hopefully I'll be dead soon.....

By anonymous , 23-09-2004

respect - growing up on lbi is a treat. learning the ways of the water from the older wiser locals gave me a profound respect for the waves, line up and the ocean in general. we do not boast world class waves. around here you take what you are given and be thankful for it. please do not bring attitude and anger to our breaks. just good vibes and good energy, with a humble approach to this beautiful town.

By anonymous , 02-09-2004

Cedars - Highly overated. Not especially great. Plenty of better spots to be had on LBI.

By David Eggars , 23-06-2004

- Yo, who's this. Also, what are you people agreeing with this Kathy person for? She doesn't make sense. What does people posting messages about Shipbottom J's adventures at 'Nova have to do with Cedars. How does Phil Martelli paint a negative picture of himself. It's that Shipbottom J who you need to watch out for.

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