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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Casino pier

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Pure pier local , 18-12-2008

If they ain't Pure, they ain't sh%t@pier; get it? - The kook that wrote the comment b4 this 1 ain't a Pure pier local, in fact he's nobody from here, he's obviously from surf city or some other non-local spot. All of y'all are welcome to surf the pier here; that's only if ya got a Pure attitude! We don't like pier problems, just like any place else don't neither bros!!

By Anonymous , 05-03-2008

the pier - you dont live here you shouldnt surf here locals only get it !!!!

By Anonymous , 09-07-2006

Great spot anytime - whats up,
just jumpin in to say that this spot is a great standby. When long branch, asbury, belmar, and manasquan crap out this spot always seems to be in play, wether light or strong. best time to catch i think is late summer through fall, great swells 3 to 8 constants, glassy late summer.

By sick of reading dope comments from eggars , 21-06-2006

eggars get a life - Dude, you need to surf more and stop crying about your dope problem. Who cares!!!!

By David Eggars , 02-02-2006

- I hadn't been here in quite some time. Last April, I was living in Ocean City after moving back to Jersey via North Carolina, and I made my way up the parkway. It was a warm April day, the first to hit the coast that spring. Had a few days when it was 70 inland and a SE wind, drawing the coolness of the ocean over the immediate coast,keeping the temps in the fifties. Anyways, there was a decent, clean two to three swell running. Instead of heading to my car to don the rubber, I ended up on a stool in EJ's. I'd been battling a dope problem I aquired once I returned from Mayberry. The two morphine pills I popped at breakfast, at the Point Dinner in Somers Point, where starting to have a mild effect on me, as I ordered my first Bud draft($1.00 for a small dirty mug!). No one was out yet. It was about 1:00 on a Thursday afternoon, as the sun glazed down on a moderate crowd of people walking the boardwalk. A light offshore wind was blowing and the surf looked pretty fun. I didn't know why I wasn't heading out and it was starting to bother me. For some reason, I had no desire to paddle out. After a couple of more beers, my guilt of remaining landlocked, made worse by being in a bar, started to fade. I started to enjoy my prime seat at the empty bar(save a straggler or two). I had a great view of an extremely clean Atlantic Ocean sending small, playful peaks to the northside of the pier. I watched the waves roll in and distibute themselves along the better sandbars,and I got my kicks people watching, as all sorts, from all over, were taking advantage of this fine spring day. The boardwalk starting to come alive from its winter hibernation. Time seemed to stand still. Eventually some shredder showed up with an ancient twin fin,a three mil,boots and no gloves for the 50 degree water. His girlfriend accompanyied him. He paddled out and she settled in the sand. He was out floundering around for about ten minutes when of course somone else comes from nowhere and paddles out next to him. SO I watch these two miss all the good chest high sets bowling down the beach, drink beer,and watch and think about the people walking by me on the boardwalk. Soon a group of Orthodox Jews start filling in the boardwalk and beach. Most seem sedated not much emotion coming from this group. A few of the younger ones seem to be stoked to be at the beach but not many. A few set up a volleyball net on the beach, and made an attempt to play, but I swear the ball never passed consecutively over the net more then twice. So I drink more beer, reminisce, and watch jewish youngsters chase a volleyball up and down the beach. A few early season tourist come to the bar, and even though they seem too uptight to enjoy the grimy ambviance of EJ'S, they seem happy with their dollar drafts and cheap hot dogs. Two different middle-aged couples, had entered the bar at about the same time. Seems as they were playing hookey and decided to hit the shore for the first time of the summer season. They exuded a sense of optomism, happy that another long winter is over and soon they'll be immersed in all that is the summer Jersey shore season. Me, on the hand, tries to soak up all that remains of the winter. Fantasizing of cold lonley winter days with clean head high peaks running up and down the beach, and the ghosts of summer limering on the boardwalk. I never paddled out that day. Instead I drove to Camden to get two bags of dope. I should have gone surfing...

By this place can get good.... , 26-09-2005

Former NJ local - What's up N.J......Grew up surfing this place,,,used to get all time...Especially late summer early fall...Love when it would be N.East slop then the wind would turn offshore,,,instant barrells....Live in CA now,,,but I have still gotten some of the best waves of my life there...If you grow up surfing can pretty much surf anywhere,,because you get used to paddling out in crossed up storm surf (Fall/Winter) so you learn to duck dive well....I come back for about 2 weeks every summer,,,best time of year for partying.....w/ waves sometimes ;) Love seeing my old friends who still rip...and still party....

By anonymous , 11-09-2005

- surfing at the pier made me want sock someone. im only a kid and i could school any adult who surfs at the pier. you guys try doing crap manouvers and fool around and you loosers dont even have fun with it. the pier holds perfect barrels in september and i was all over it. all you jerky locals out there were scared out of your ass to even pull into them. there was only this one guy...mikey something who could make some nice turns but thats it! you locals have to learn to surf before you could boss us REAL surfers around...this place was known for a great tube and surfing next to a classic pier, and you guys act like dumbasses and dont even realize how good the waves really are...IM READY TO TAKE ON ANY OF YOU REAL SURFERS ANY TIME

By del mar surfer , 11-09-2005

casino peir locals suck!!!!!!!! - the locals at the peir are jerky ass holes. i came to surf last year and i got snaked by every one out in the water! when i tried to show the locals whos boss, i got my ass yelled at and they all hated me! they told me to go back to CA. dont let them get to your head. just dont snake them out there and just try to impress them. they all know me now because i impressed them comming out of one of the fall season's tubes they hold at the pier. just also dont take anything personally they are idiots

By anonymous , 06-07-2005

awesome march day - I usually surf in ocean city, but easter weekend 05 me and my friends decided to go surf the south side of the pier, and we had a couple of the best sessions of the winter. It was solid 6-8, hollow, and glassed and some of the bigger sets were even spitting...some of the best surf I've had in NJ

By Matt , 19-02-2005

Bennies go home!!! - Im a local here in seaside, and ive surfed the pier many of times in. Cant surf there during summer cuz of damn bennies during the day. but right before school began thatf that year, i surfed the pier one morning with perfect 7-8 glass waves. It was the most epic day at the pier for me. Very long fast lines down the beach. Ill never forget it. The pier is the best spot in seaside. Many great waves come throgh there. and i think the pier is going to be around forever.Bennies,NO ONE WANTS U HERE!!!

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