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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Cape may ave

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 19-02-2008

- i suggest that if you dont like the water then you should get out of it

By anonymous , 27-04-2007

cape may blows - u almost never catch a good solid wave and if you do, you have 8-9 other people on the wave. i would suggest going to wildwood or ac

By anonymous , 03-08-2005

- i went surfing in cape may yeah the waves were ok but there were all these kids with thier retarted soft boards always getting in my way so stay away foamers!!!

By nj person , 24-07-2005

kooks - this spot attracts all the kooks on sponge boards and shitty wannabee surfer kids in new jersey if you dont know how to surf go to 7-11 street dont come to harvey cedars

By David Eggars , 30-06-2004

- I haven't been to Cape May in years but here's a surf shop - Summer Sun, 315 Washington st mall, (609) 884-3422. If Cape May is small and pitiful, call Kona Surf & Sport, Wildwood 609-522-7899; Surfers' Supplies, Ocean City (609) 399-8399, or Surf Unlimited, LBI (609) 494-3996 to see if there is a wave somewhere else. Most spots south of Brigantine like a high tide and LBI and north work on low tide. Since you're from the Philadelphia/South Jersey area, I'm more than glad to help. Hopefully, my messages will stay on, as the webmaster doesn't like me and always deletes my messages. Oh, bring some Northern California agricultural products please.

By anonymous , 28-06-2004

Thanks, David - Thanks for your info about Cape May Ave. (I feel like a huge dork).
I might check out LBI. However, now that you mention it -- the Jersey Shore had some of the best surf it's had in years last September when I was there... and sidelined with a demanding 18 month old AND being 8 months pregnant. So I'm ready to surf a little, without a full wet suit and booties, while having loads of family to watch my little ones. Yahoooooo!
Since I have to stay in Cape May -- do you have any recomendations...a good place to rent boards?
Thanks again, David!

By David Eggars , 23-06-2004

- Will you be visiting Cape May or LBI? This spot is Cape May AVE in Harvey Cedars, Long Beach Island , not the town of Cape May. Cape May (town) isn't the best place to score waves at. When they have waves, Cape May's got the bowls but it really only works during NE's when the rest of the coast is out of control. Cape May will be half the size and offshore. Ne winds are offshore at Cape May. I suppose that it will pick up SE due to the angle it faces. If Cape May's not doing it check Wildwood. LBI is your best bet but it is a drive.

By Wave's Chicane , 21-06-2004

Looking for Recommendations - I've been living in Northern California for 10 years, surfing for 8. Grew up in Philly...coming back for a wedding and will be visiting Cape May. Any suggestions for house and/or longboard rentals? I'm a mom...any moms surfing groups out there to hook up with? Nothing is on the internet. Thanks!
ps No one throws rocks at Steamers (at least not at women)... and the sharks rarely bite. Nor Cal surfers aren't as aggro or gnarly as painted -- people are generally pretty cool unless you are a super kook-idiot.

By bgfijs , 06-05-2004

good - I used to surf down in shiop bottom but then all the fag vacation people go and get in the wayof the only decent waves i get all evening during the summer so i wen tup here on capemay ave its allways breaking even wen its flat Harveys is the beston lbi

By C.B. , 09-02-2004

Local, one of better spots in Jersey - Cape May is def. one of the better breaks along the Jersey Shore. It is rivaled only by Holyoke ave. on LBI as well, and Manasquan. There are rights for days, and lefts on opposite side of the jetties, like at hudson for example. Summertime, usually always breaking if not anywhere else. Several rippers have emerged from this spot - McBrien, Townsend, Wilhem (sp?). Holds up good on all swell sizes . . .

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