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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Brick beach2

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By anonymous , 03-09-2004

brick 2 is great for beginning surfers - i started surfing there, i lived there, but now that i got alot better and look for bigger waves, its not so fun to me anymore. But if you're just starting out, its perfect. But the one really bad part is that so many people go there. So many people that CAN'T SURF! They always got in my way and had no clue how to respect other surfers. But if you live ther and you're starting out, then its perfect.

By , 12-08-2004

I surfed Brick Beach as a teen - I surfed Brick Beach, right next to it, on the left as you looked out at the ocean, as a teenager in the 1960s. You described it well. It is a fun spot, never too big unless a hurricane or northeaster was brewing and then the swell could get big. Somedays it reached eight to 10 feet and then you had a hell of time just paddling out. And sure enough, you'd get outside and then look at the horizon and see the Mother of all Waves, a Grandmother, coming in and it'd wipe you out and then you had to swim all the way to shore and start again.
Some of the best summer days were about 10 in the morning, the water was sea green, the waves were two to three feet high, consistent, breaking nice, hollow, you could get tubed, and it wasn't too crowded and you didn't have to worry about big surf pounding your head into the sandbar. Simply, it was fun! The water was warm, clear and the swell consistent and you could surf all moring until lunch and then head up to brick beach and buy a hamburger, fries and a coke!
The first time I got on a board was at brick beach. I bought a 9 foot (yes, 9 foot) Hansen from a girl who lived across the street, Jeanie Westoff. It was May 30. The water was freezing. But I didn't care. My Dad bought the board for me. $100. And hung out on the beach while I paddled out, caught a small wave, rode the boarch on my stomach, tentatively stood up and then fell off and ran to shore. It was cold!

yes, lots of fine, wonderful memories of surfng at Brick Beach. The second summer surfing there I was there every day with a friend, Jerry ? Nolan?. He had a motorboat. We'd load our boards into the boat on the Mantoloking River, in Brick, near Cedar Bridge Road, and take the river to the Bay, Barnegat Bay? then park it on the bay across from Brick Beach,. grab our boards and sneak across some private property (We often got yelled at) and head down to the beach, to the left of brick beach, private beach, but no one would bother you. Plus, 12 feet from the water line was state or federal property and anyone could be there. We were at the beach from June until mid-October, every day, rain or shine, every day!!!! It was great!!!

One more memory. One of the most remarkable days was when the wind was from the east. You know, chop. slop. No form. Ugly. Swells, but again, no form, every which way. It sucked. So we sat on the beach. Then, slowly, remarkably, almost miracuously, the wind began turning from the east, then from the south then slowly from the west. You know, a west wind! It was hold up the waves so they'd tube and give em form and next thing you know we were howling and paddllng out and surfing some of the finest waves ever to hit Brick Beach!!!!!

Glad to hear your having fun surfing Brick Beach!!! Although you called it Brick Beach 2. What's the "2" for? Another beach? just's up!!!

By Jon W , 12-07-2004

Brick 2 doesnt suck - Brick 2 doesnt suck for surfing, it may not barrel but name 1 place in nk where it does. You usally get pretty nice rides there and you see alot of hot chicks on the beach. Its worth going 2

By anonymous , 18-04-2003

Brick 2 - brick 2 isnt bad at all when u get a nice east swell with a west wind-plus there is nobody ever out there-all the waves you want

By in cal now , 31-12-2002

IN a nut shell NJ sucks - Brick beach? why even post this place. Nj pretty much sucks as a whole if you surf or do anything else for that matter. Move somewhere where you can get decent surf while your young....

By BRICK 2 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! , 12-12-2001

Brick 2 sucks - Brick 2 kinda sucks. It gets ok occasionaly but it's not fast or powerful. It just depends on what kind of swell you get. It's not hollow at all either, unless the wind is offshore. I'd rather surf somewhere in Normandy or Lavallette. Brick 2 sucks.

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